Hepatitis C testing service

Hepatitis C testing service

A Hepatitis C Testing Service will be added to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) in 2020. The introduction of this new Advanced Service, was originally trailed in the 5-year CPCF agreement, will be delayed from April 2020, for at least three months, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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The service will involve people who inject drugs and who are not currently accessing treatment services (e.g. for the management of addiction to opioids) being offered a Hepatitis C antibody test in the pharmacy. Where people test positive for hepatitis C antibodies, they will be referred for a confirmatory test and treatment, where appropriate.

Any pharmacy that meets the service requirements will be able to provide the service, but it will be of most interest to contractors that provide a locally commissioned needle and syringe programme service, with a sufficient number of clients, to make the investment in provision of the service worthwhile.

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