Medicines Use Review (MUR)

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

The Medicines Use Review (MUR) and Prescription Intervention Service consists of accredited pharmacists undertaking structured adherence-centred reviews with patients on multiple medicines, particularly those receiving medicines for long-term conditions. National target groups have been agreed in order to guide the selection of patients to whom the service will be offered.

Pharmacists and community pharmacy contractors practising in Wales should visit the Community Pharmacy Wales website for information on MURs in Wales.

In 2020/21, contractors can provide a total of 100 MURs, with the service being decommissioned at the end of the year. In the first quarter of 2020/21, 70% of MURs should be targeted at high-risk medicines or patients who have recently been discharged from hospital. From the date that the NHS Discharge Medicines Service is introduced (planned to be July 2020) 70% of MURs should be targeted solely at high-risk medicines.

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Directions, Guidance and Service Specification

The legal basis for the service is provided by the Secretary of State Directions. The service specification provides a ‘plain English’ version of the Directions:

The Pharmaceutical Services (Advanced and Enhanced Services) (England) Directions 2013

These Directions have been amended a number of times since publication. The amendment Directions are printed in the Drug Tariff. PSNC has created a document which consolidates the 2013 Directions and subsequent amendments.

MUR service specification (August 2013)

PSNC and NHS Employers guidance on MURs: Since this guidance was published, several changes have taken place to the MUR service. A summary of those changes has been published separately in a PSNC document which should be read alongside the original PSNC/NHS Employers guidance.

list of suggested questions has been developed to help shape the discussion pharmacists have with patients during the MUR consultation. The use of the questions is not compulsory, but pharmacists may find them useful to obtain the maximum amount of information from the patient’s perspective as is possible.

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PSNC Briefing 061/16: Services Factsheet – MUR guide for other healthcare professionals (October 2016)

PSNC Briefing 087/13: Advanced services and Pre-registration Trainees (20th August 2013)
Following media reports that pre-registration trainees have been allowed to provide MUR and NMS consultations without supervision by a pharmacist, PSNC has issued guidance to contractors.

NMS and MURs – top tips from community pharmacies

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The basics

Premises requirements

MUR accreditation

National target groups (Changes to target groups applied from 1st October 2019)

Patient consent requirements

Record keeping and NHSBSA reporting requirements

Post-payment verification process

Communicating with GPs

Working with hospital colleagues

MURs v. Prescription Interventions

Conducting MURs off the premises

MUR funding

MUR statistics


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