MUR premises requirements

MUR premises requirements

Pharmacy premises need to meet national standards to ensure that Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) take place in a confidential environment.

Consultation areas must meet the following requirements:

  • The patient and the pharmacist can sit down together;
  • They can talk at normal speaking volumes without being overheard by staff or customers; and
  • The area is clearly signed as a private consultation area.

Community pharmacy contractors need to notify their local NHS England team before they start providing MURs, using the PREM1 form. Compliance with the service requirements will be subject to verification by NHS England as part of their contract monitoring arrangements.

PREM1 form (PDF)

PREM1 form (Microsoft Word)

The completed form should be sent to your local NHS England team:

NHS England local team email addresses for community pharmacy matters

It is advisable for a consultation area to include a table or workbench. Contractors may also wish to include space for a computer terminal to be installed in the consultation area. Contractors should also give consideration to possible future uses of consultation areas when they are being installed, for example, if the pharmacy is commissioned to provide diagnostic testing services in the future, it may need hand washing facilities in the consultation area.

The NPA have produced a guide on making the best use of consultation areas:

NPA guide – Making best use of consultation areas (PDF) (please note NPA login required)

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