NMS record keeping and data requirements

NMS record keeping and data requirements

Pharmacy records for the New Medicine Service (NMS) will be maintained to support the delivery of the service and audit.

Community pharmacy contractors must also provide a summary of the NMS conducted on a quarterly basis to NHS England (this data is collected by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) on behalf of NHS England).

COVID-19 update – during the period of the pandemic, NHSE&I will not require quarterly NMS and MUR data submissions to be made by contractors.

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Record keeping and the NMS dataset

The NMS data requirements have been determined along with the requirements for reporting information to NHS England; the requirements can be downloaded via the link below.

NMS record keeping requirements

PSNC and NHS Employers – NMS data definitions (December 2013)

National standard codes to be used to record the ethnic group of patients

NMS worksheets

If you do not have access to a computer in the consultation area, or do not wish to use it during your discussion with the patient, the following NMS Worksheets can be used to record notes during the Intervention and Follow up stages of the service and code the discussion with the patient.

NMS Intervention Worksheet

NMS Follow Up Worksheet

Reporting information on NMS to NHS England (via the NHSBSA)

Contractors providing NMS must collate information on the NMS provided each quarter and this must be provided to NHS England. If a contractor normally provides NMS, but does not do so in a specific quarter, there is no requirement for the contractor to submit a ‘nil-return’ submission of data to NHS England.

A new process was rolled out in 2016/17 for reporting information on NMS to NHS England, with the NHSBSA taking on the role of collecting the completed electronic reporting templates from contractors on behalf of NHS England.

Each contractor providing NMS must submit their completed quarterly NMS electronic reporting templates to the NHSBSA, rather than emailing the report to their local NHS England team.

Contractors must submit the completed NMS electronic reporting templates to the NHSBSA within 10 working days from the last day of the quarter the data refers to (last day of June, September, December and March).

There are two ways to submit your electronic reporting templates to the NHSBSA and contractors can choose which method to use (but it should be noted that most contractors find submitting data via the online form is the easiest approach):

  1. Online form
  2. Electronic Reporting Template

Further information and links to the online form and electronic reporting template can be found on the NHSBSA website.

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