Other information on the NMS

Other information on the NMS

Relationship between NMS and MURs

NHS Employers and PSNC recognise it is important to explain the relationship between the New Medicine Service (NMS) and Medicines Use Reviews (MURs). This is described in a document available below.

The relationship between the NMS and MURs

Underpinning research for the NMS

Patients’ problems with new medication for chronic conditions. Barber N et al. Qual Saf Health Care 2004;13:172-175

Patient-centred advice is effective in improving adherence to medicines. Clifford S et al. Pharm World Sci 2006;28:165-170

The cost effectiveness of a telephone-based pharmacy advisory service to improve adherence to newly prescribed medicines. Elliott R A et al. Pharm World Sci 2008;30:17-23

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