Pharmacist knowledge and skills requirements

Pharmacist knowledge and skills requirements

Before they are able to provide the New Medicine Service (NMS), pharmacists must have the necessary skills and knowledge and are required to sign the NMS self-assessment form to declare this. The completed form should be kept as a record by the community pharmacy contractor.

NMS self-assessment form (June 2020) (Microsoft Word version to be completed electronically)

NMS self-assessment form (June 2020) (PDF version to be completed by hand)

The self-assessment form was updated in June 2020.

Learning Materials

The NMS programmes from the Centre of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) are part of a range of learning materials which have been developed collaboratively by pharmacy organisations to support provision of the service. The learning materials consist of an open learning programme, a local solutions workshop and a CPPE e-learning video wall. All the materials have been designed to help you become a pharmacist leader in the setting up of NMS in your practice, offering consistently high levels of patient care.

New Medicine Service: Getting it right – The purpose of this guide is to support pharmacists who want to provide a high-quality service. This guide provides you with general information about the NMS and will signpost you to the most appropriate places to find learning and other key resources.

New Medicine Service e-learning – This e-learning aims to provide you with an understanding of how the NMS should be provided in a patient-centred, effective way as part of your day-to-day practice.

CPPE has a range of other learning programmes (including the NMS target therapy areas) on NMS, which can be accessed on the CPPE NMS gateway page.

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