Providing the NMS

Providing the NMS

1) Standard Operating Procedure

All community pharmacy contractors providing the New Medicine Service (NMS) must have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place for the service. A template SOP can be downloaded from the NPA website(please note NPA login required)

2) Obtaining patient consent

The service specification for the NMS says that written consent needs to be obtained from patients. The wording of a consent declaration which must be used in any consent forms is detailed in the document below.

NMS and MUR patient consent requirements (updated October 2013)

The following templates may be used by contractors:

PSNC template NMS and MUR consent form (to which a pharmacy address can be added) (Microsoft Word)

PSNC template NMS and MUR consent form (PDF)

Alternative consent form which allows the patient’s ethnicity to be recorded:

PSNC template NMS and MUR consent form with ethnicity data collection (to which a pharmacy address can be added) (Microsoft Word)

PSNC template NMS and MUR consent form with ethnicity data collection (PDF)

GPhC guidance on Consent

3) Information for patients on NMS

The service specification requires information on NMS to be given to the patient; this requirement may be fulfilled by providing a leaflet to the patient. PSNC and NHS Employers have developed text for use in a patient leaflet on NMS; its use is not a mandatory service requirement.

NMS patient leaflet (Microsoft Word)

NMS patient leaflet (PDF)

If an NMS item is dispensed for a patient, but the medicine is being delivered to the patient, or a representative is collecting the prescription, the following template leaflet may be used to offer the NMS to the patient:

Template NMS patient leaflet for use when the patient is not present in the pharmacy (Microsoft Word)

The Department for Work & Pensions and the Office for Disability Issues have issued guidance on Accessible communication formats. The guidance contains a section on ‘accessible print publications’ which offers best practice guidance on font size, design, layout, etc for printing publications. This may be useful for contractors when looking to amend downloadable documents from the PSNC website.

4) Interview schedule

The NMS interview schedule can be used by pharmacists to help shape the conversation they have with patients at the intervention and follow up stages of the service. The interview is based on the approach used in the proof of concept research and members of the original research team have helped to design it.

Interview schedule with notes

Interview schedule without notes

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