Healthy Living Pharmacy: Holding an awareness event/campaign on men’s health

Healthy Living Pharmacy: Holding an awareness event/campaign on men’s health

This page contains links to resources and information which pharmacy teams may wish to consider using when planning a health promotion event/campaign focussing on men’s health.

This page is ‘work in progress’ and will continue to be updated.

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Resources to assist with finding local data

  • ‘Men’s health’ refers to conditions that most commonly affect men, such as heart disease and prostate cancer. Therefore, there is no male-health specific tool containing local data; information will need to be sought for each separate condition
  • Common male health issues include abdominal aortic aneurysm, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart problems, impotence, benign and cancerous prostate, stroke, testicular cancer and obesity

PSNC resources

National awareness campaigns

Campaign Dates
Men’s Health Week 14-20th June 2021
Movember November 2021

National charities & resources

Key facts & statistics

Training resources

Campaign/event tips

  • Events/campaigns should acknowledge that men are less likely than women to acknowledge illness or to seek help when sick. This could be because health is often socially constructed as a feminine concern and so it may be difficult to engage with this group of patients
  • Health campaigns/events should normalise health discussions and actively encourage men to speak to healthcare professionals if they have any concerns or for screening
  • The campaign/event should focus on the different conditions that are likely to affect men; please refer to each topic’s individual page for tips
  • Humour can be a valuable tool to conveying serious health messages to men, in a less formal manner
  • Consider alerting traditional settings where men may visit such as pubs and sporting events about your pharmacy’s campaign/event
  • Use the campaign/event as a chance to opportunistically invite customers in for NHS Health Checks if you offer them; signpost to their GP for an NHS Health Check if you do not offer the service
  • Do encourage spouses/partners/friends and family to talk to the men in their life about health issues. This can often encourage men to take action
  • Find out if local GPs or clinics in the area offer well man clinics so customers can be referred to them if necessary
  • Do be prepared to signpost men to health information on the internet. Even if they do not seem interested now, they might refer to the information later

Further resources

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