Quality Payments – NHS 111 Directory of Services

Quality Payments – NHS 111 Directory of Services

Community pharmacy contractors passing the gateway criteria will receive a Quality Payment if they meet one or more of the quality criteria. One of the quality criteria is:

‘On the day of the review, the pharmacy’s NHS 111 Directory of Services entry is up to date, including bank holiday opening hours’.

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NHS England guidance

NHS England has published guidance for the February 2019 review point of the Quality Payments Scheme. The new guidance should be read in conjunction with NHS England’s previously published gateway criteria and quality criteria guidance:

  • NHS England – Pharmacy Quality Payments Gateway Criteria Guidance (published 23rd December 2016); and
  • NHS England – Pharmacy Quality Payments Quality Criteria Guidance (published 27th February 2017).

These documents are available on the NHS England website.

Quality criterion points and values

The value of this quality criterion is as follows:

Total points for the February 2019 review point 2.5
Value of total points £80-160*

*The funding will be divided between qualifying pharmacies based on the number of points they have achieved. Each point will have a minimum value worth £32 and a maximum of £64.

Directory of Services

The Directory of Services (DoS) is a directory which provides NHS 111 call handlers with real time information about services available to support a particular patient. Pharmacies are included in the DoS and it is important to the efficient working of NHS 111 and some other urgent care providers that information on pharmacy services is accurate in order to allow patients to be appropriately referred to community pharmacies.

The DoS is not publicly available, as it contains information such as private telephone numbers for use by healthcare professionals, but some pharmacies can already access DoS via various systems.

Aim/rationale of this quality criterion

For NHS 111 to refer patients appropriately to community pharmacies it is critical that they have access to accurate information about pharmacies, their location, opening hours, and services provided. The aim of this quality criterion is to enable pharmacy contractors, for the first time, to view their NHS 111 DoS demographic profile and to provide corrections to that information where necessary. This is so that patients are always given the correct information when they dial NHS 111 for help.

Types of DoS profiles

Pharmacies are profiled on the DoS using a series of different profiles. The number of these profiles varies, depending on where in the country the pharmacy is located.

All DoS profiles that make up an individual pharmacy’s DoS entry need to be checked to meet the quality criterion.

How to achieve this quality criterion

The new Directory of Services (DoS) profile updater is available to be used by community pharmacy contractors to meet the NHS 111 DoS quality criterion of the Quality Payments Scheme.

For the February 2019 review point, contractors are required to edit or confirm the information about their pharmacy is correct on the DoS profile updater by 11:59pm on 15th February 2019 to meet the quality criterion. Any changes and additional information, or confirmation that the profiles are accurate can be input directly into the DoS Profile Updater. This process is the same for ‘bricks and mortar’ pharmacies and distance selling pharmacies.

guidance document on how to edit or confirm the information about a pharmacy is correct is available on the DoS profile updater website. Contractors are strongly advised to read the guidance to ensure they fully understand how to meet the quality criterion.

Once the pharmacy’s details on the DoS profile updater have been submitted, the contractor will receive an email to confirm this. This email should be retained as evidence of meeting the DoS quality criterion.

The email should be received instantaneously after submitting the information on the DoS profile updater; however, please allow up to two hours for the email to be delivered. To help ensure contractors receive their confirmation emails, contractors are advised to add noreply@dos-profile.service.nhs.uk to their safe senders list before they update their profile. Alternatively, contractors will need to check their junk email folder in case the email has been inappropriately filed. If the emails are not received, please email exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net to confirm that the submission has been received.

If contractors have any technical difficulties accessing the DoS Profile Updater, they can email the NHS Digital helpdesk (exeter.helpdesk@nhs.net) or call them on 0300 303 4034

The declaration process

Contractors will be required to declare through the NHS BSA online declaration page (the portal will go live on Monday 4th February 2019 at 9am and will be available until Friday 1st March 2019 at 11.59pm) that they meet this quality criterion.


FAQs on the Quality Payments Scheme can be found on the Quality Payments – FAQs page.

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