Pharmacy Quality Scheme – CPPE Risk management training

Pharmacy Quality Scheme – CPPE Risk management training

Community pharmacy contractors passing the gateway criteria will receive a payment for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme if they meet one or more of the domains. The risk management and safety domain consists of five quality criteria, one of which is that on the day of their declaration (which must be done between 3rd February 2020 and 28th February 2020):

‘80% of all registered pharmacy professionals working at the pharmacy to have satisfactorily completed the CPPE risk management training and assessment’.

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NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance

Quality criterion bundle points and value

The value of this quality criterion bundle has not yet been announced. Contractors must achieve all of the quality criteria listed in the bundle to qualify for payment.

How to achieve this quality criterion (includes PSNC resources)

Pharmacy professionals

Pharmacy professionals are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (this excludes pre-registration graduates, although it is good practice that they are trained in risk management). Locums are pharmacy professionals so contractors should encourage temporary staff, such as locum pharmacists and locum pharmacy technicians, to undertake the training and assessment.

Each pharmacy professional working in the pharmacy on the day of the declaration count as one, regardless of how many hours they have worked.

For example, a pharmacy with five pharmacy professionals working in the pharmacy on the day of the declaration will need to ensure that at least four of them have completed the Risk management training and e-assessment and have the certification to demonstrate this.

CPPE risk management training

The CPPE Risk management guide and assessment were included in the 2018/2019 Quality Payments Scheme. Pharmacy professionals who completed the guide and the assessment in 2018/2019  do not need to repeat this.

If you have completed the previous version of the CPPE learning and e-assessment on Risk management then you also do not need to complete the new learning programme. However, pharmacy professionals may wish to complete the new learning programme to update their knowledge in areas not covered by the old programme. Completion of the e-assessment will also allow pharmacy professionals to prove their ongoing competence in this important area of practice and provide them with the self-assurance that their knowledge is up to date and in line with current legislation.

Pharmacy professionals who need to complete the CPPE Risk management guide and e-assessment can access this on the CPPE website.

Pharmacy professionals, including locums, are required to work through the guide and successfully complete the e-assessment.

Once the training and associated e-assessment have both been completed, a certificate of completion is stored by CPPE in the personal record for each learner. Pharmacy professionals can download the certificate to provide evidence of completion. Contractors should ensure that evidence of this assessment is kept within the pharmacy, including for any locums. Pharmacy teams working in multiple pharmacies should follow guidance issued by their head office. The certificates do not need to be submitted to NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Record sheet

PSNC has created a CPPE risk management record sheet which contractors can choose to use to keep a record of the pharmacy professionals that have successfully completed the CPPE Risk Management guide and e-assessment.

CPPE Risk management record sheet (Word)

CPPE Risk management record sheet (PDF)


FAQs on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme can be found on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme – FAQs page.

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