Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Dementia Friends

Pharmacy Quality Scheme – Dementia Friends

Community pharmacy contractors passing the gateway criteria will receive a payment for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme if they meet one or more domains. The Prevention domain consists of five quality criteria, one of which is:

‘On the day of the declaration, all patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends (Alzheimer’s Society)’.

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NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance

How to become a Dementia Friend (includes PSNC resources)

Many staff, including locums, may already have become Dementia Friends. There is no need to become a Dementia Friend again for this quality criterion.

There are various routes by which people can become a Dementia Friend – please read PSNC Briefing 045/19: Pharmacy Quality Scheme – How to become a Dementia Friend, which describes the process.

Contractors should keep evidence that staff have become Dementia Friends. If staff have registered through the organisation route, this could be a copy of the email sent to request Dementia Friend badges.

If contractors have previously claimed for this quality criterion, they should review staff turnover to ensure that this criterion is still met. NHS England and NHS Improvement advises that any new patient-facing staff should routinely, as part of their induction, be advised to become a Dementia Friend.

Patient-facing pharmacy staff

Pharmacy staff with a patient-facing role should include all registered pharmacy professionals, all pre-registration graduates, everyone working in the dispensary, all medicines counter assistants and all delivery drivers (it also includes locums). Contractors may also have other staff that can be identified as having patient-facing roles.

In order to calculate the total number of staff working in patient-facing roles in the pharmacy on the day of the review, each full or part-time member of staff working in roles listed above counts as one.

For example, if on the day of the declaration the following staff are working at the pharmacy:

  • One locum pharmacist – 1
  • One pharmacy technician – 1
  • Two full-time delivery drivers – 2
  • Two part-time medicines counter assistants – 2

In this example, the total number of patient-facing staff working on the day of the review is six. Therefore all six of those staff must have become Dementia Friends in order to meet the quality requirement.

Record sheet

PSNC has created a record sheet which contractors can choose to use to keep a record of their staff members and temporary staff, such as locums, that have become Dementia Friends.

Dementia Friends record sheet (Word)

Dementia Friends record sheet (PDF)


Further FAQs on Dementia Friends can be found on the Dementia Friends website.

More FAQs on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme can be found on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme – FAQs page.

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