About us

Welcome to Community Pharmacy Sheffield.

Community Pharmacy Sheffield represents all 122 pharmacy contractors within the Sheffield Health and Wellbeing Board area at both local and national level.

The Committee is an elected body recognised and specifically referred to in NHS legislation, set up to represent the interest of all local NHS Pharmacy Contractors.  The Committee includes representatives from Independent Pharmacy Contractors, to those representing larger organisations belonging to the The Company Chemists Association (CCA) and The Association of Independent Multiples (AIM).

The NHS and local government consult Community Pharmacy Sheffield on all matters relating to the NHS and public health work undertaken by community pharmacy in Sheffield. We are also responsible for advancing the enhanced role of community pharmacy to ensure it plays an active part in promoting health and wellbeing across the city.

We work to promote local pharmacy and to highlight areas to the local health community where pharmacy can help achieve local and national healthcare objectives, working closely with pharmacy contractors and their teams to help support them to do their jobs and in collaboration with local commissioners to help co-ordinate local service provision.  We also communicates matters of local and national importance, which have implications for pharmacy within Sheffield.

We are committed to helping Sheffield pharmacy contractors provide a pharmacy service of the highest quality through the above and by offering support and advice to pharmacy contractors.  Susie Coates was appointed as our Support Manager in November 2012.