Local Support for PCN Engagement

Local information to support PCN engagement is being developed and therefore this section of the website will be updated as work progresses.

Community Pharmacy Sheffield is doing all it can to support contractors with the development of PCNs and to facilitate meeting the PQS points. PCN engagement has to be led by local contractors in the area and therefore CPS can only facilitate.

Currently CPS can/ has assisted with the following:

  • Mapping contractors to PCN area. This has been sent to all contractors to ensure they are happy with the PCN they are mapped to and is linked below. NB contractors who feel they sit in 2 PCN areas must choose a main one for the purposes of PQS but can be involved with more than one.
  • Written out to all contractors for expressions of interest for PCN leads and gathered this data.
  • Sent out supporting documents to encourage meeting to nominate a PCN lead. CPS cannot appoint PCN leads as this is for the contractors to choose, we can facilitate voting and we are happy to attend any of these meetings where participants feel it would help. If you need any assistance with this please contact us.
  • Gathering information on the appointed PCN leads for each PCN.
  • Engaged with PCN clinical directors so that we can help the leads make contact when appropriate.

Resources for those interested in being a Pharmacy PCN Lead:

Guidance for Pharmacy PCN Lead


Expression of Interest Form for PCN Leads Nov 2019 V2[1]

Draft Agenda for PCN lead appointment meeting Oct 2019 V1[2]

CPS PCN meetings feedback form

Example email to send out to arrange a PCN meeting to appoint Pharmacy PCN leads

Template PCN lead introductory letter to CDs

Pharmacies in each PCN:

Details of Pharmacies in each PCN including contact email

PCN LEAD INFO – CURRENT as at 17.08.2020: SHEFFIELD-PCN-Details

REVISED 27.10.2020 – SHEFFIELD-PCN-Details Current 27.10.2020

NHS Confederation Document: NHS Confederation PCN report Equipped for Success Jan 2020