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Sexual Health Commissioned Services –UPDATE 2018:

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SH Contract Extension Letter – EHC Pharmacy

CPS Bulletin Oct 2018

Community Pharmacy Specification 2018 Final 6.4.2018

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UPA guideline CP_2018_final

Condom ordering process EHC NEX V2 Oct 31 2017

SCC-public health condom order form for Sheffield pharmacies


Update November 2017

The PGD for Ulipristal acetate 30mg tablet (ellaOne®) is currently suspended following a change to its licensing. This means that a PGD is no longer required. Ulipristal acetate will remain part of the commissioned service and will be re activated as part of the scheme once new guidance is drafted. This is expected in early 2018.

The PGD for Levonorgestrel 1.5mg tablet remains active but will be updated shortly to reflect changes in the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) Guidance for EC (May 2017). This is expected in early 2018.

Plans are underway to increase the upper age limit on the EHC commissioned service from age 17 to age 25 years.

A CPS citywide event is being arranged to take place in early 2018 where the updated PGD and guidance will be shared along with information on any changes to age restrictions and safeguarding protocols. There is also an expectation that the sexual health pages on the local version of PharmOutcomes will be activated by then and will be used for EHC activity monitoring.

Current Service Documentation (new documents currently under development)

Condom Distribution

EMERGENCY HORMONAL CONTRACEPTION (EHC) and NEEDLE EXCHANGE (NEX) PHARMACIES with SHEFFEILD CITY COUNCIL / PUBLIC HEALTH – CHANGE IN PROCESS FOR THE SUPPLY OF CONDOMS AND LUBE:  From 31 October 2017, the Wicker Pharmacy will be the sole supply and distribution hub for condoms and lube ordering.  You no longer order directly through Durbin PLC or submit invoices for claims.  This decision has been made following feedback from pharmacies and a request to make the ordering process easier and quicker.  You can email or fax The Wicker to place an order on the linked order form.  Once an order is placed with the form completed correctly, it will be delivered within 2 working days. This service and delivery is free of charge.  Email pharmacy@wicker.co.uk or Fax(0114)272 6431. Please download the ordering process chart and the ordering form, to fax or email The Wicker Pharmacy to place an order.

  • Ordering is per box of condoms/lube, orders can be for more than 1 box.
  • The recommended maximum number of condoms per client is 6 and lube sachets 3.
  • If you are giving condoms to under 18 year olds we ask that you record this on the NHS Health database.

Any questions or issues please contact Lorraine Gosnell, SCC Public Health Lorraine.gosnell@sheffield.gov.uk / Telephone (0114) 2930171.

Current Condom ordering process click here

SCC-public health condom order form for Sheffield pharmacies here


Sheffield City Council have recently been made aware that Public Health England will be launching a new sexual health campaign in mid-December aimed at 16-24 year olds to raise awareness of the risk of STIs and increase protection by normalising condom use. The campaign will direct young people to a website linked to the NHS Choices database of local services to enable young people to access sexual health services and free condoms.

The Sheffield Pharmacies who are part of the EHC and condom distribution scheme are included on the database so may see an increase in requests from young people for condoms following this campaign and therefore may need to order more supplies.

SCC currently commission the supply of condoms to young people aged 14-17 requesting EHC. In order to support this national campaign SCC have agreed to commission the supply of condoms to young people aged 16-24 until the end of January 2018. The fee for each condom supply will be £1.60 and records of supply need to be entered on to the form below:

 condoms for 16-24 scheme form

This form should be submitted to Lorraine Gosnell along with your usual EHC claims.

Any questions or issues please contact Lorraine Gosnell, SCC Public Health Lorraine.gosnell@sheffield.gov.uk / Telephone (0114) 2930171.

For Pharmacies not currently signed up to provide the EHC or NEX Services:

If you have requests from young people for free condoms during December and January please sign post them to one of the following pharmacies;


Pharmacy Address Telephone
Boots Pharmacy 11 – 12 Hillsborough Arcade 234 3685
Boots Pharmacy 119-121 Upwell Street 243 2593
Boots Pharmacy 20 Asline Road 255 1362
Boots Pharmacy 214 Fulwood Road 266 0637
Boots Pharmacy 252 – 254 West Street 272 1554
Boots Pharmacy 4 – 6 High Street 276 8333
Boots Pharmacy 44a High Street 256 8011
Boots Pharmacy 50 Manor Park Centre 239 6321
Boots Pharmacy 628 Abbeydale Road 255 1232
Boots Pharmacy 649 Ecclesall Road 266 0100
Boots Pharmacy 66 The Moor 272 5454
Boots Pharmacy Unit 5, Heeley Retail Park 258 2642
Boots Pharmacy Unit C Crystal Peaks Retail Park 247 8430
Boots Pharmacy Waitrose 278 6762
Charnock Pharmacy Charnock Health Primary Care Centre 264 4455
Well 1A Cobnar Road 274 5320
Well 255 Southey Green Road 232 5462
Well 287 Prince Of Wales Road 253 0130
Well 294 Ringinglow Road 230 1129
Well 35 Townhead Road 236 1028
Well 427 Herries Road 242 6855
Well 439 Richmond Road 239 7260
Well 45 Baslow Road 236 1181
Well 503 – 505 Gleadless Road 239 7295
Well 517A Manchester Road 288 3156
Well 54b Holme Lane 234 4994
Well 58 Greno Crescent 245 0021
Well 621 Middlewood Road 231 1926
Well 756 – 758 Chesterfield Road 255 4555
Well Birley Lane Health Centre 253 0044
Well White Lane Pharmacy 239 6174
Crosspool Pharmacy 23 Sandygate Road 266 1744
Darnall Pharmacy Darnall Health Centre 243 3443
Swift Foxhill Allen & Barnfield 39 Wolfe Road 231 1570
Day Lewis 150 Crookes 266 3550
Day Lewis 188 Crookesmoor Road 268 0296
Day Lewis 298 Glossop Road 276 1321
Day Lewis 153 Blackstock Road 264 8864
Gilbert & Armstrong Limited 36 Queen Street 248 6424
Lloyds Pharmacy Porter Brook Medical Centre 272 2048
Lloyds Pharmacy 52 Birley Moor Road 239 6020
Lloyds Pharmacy 3 – 7 Alderson Road 258 4116
Lloyds Pharmacy 17-21 Abbey Lane 274 5414
Lloyds Pharmacy 36 – 38 Ellesmere Road 272 4545
Lloyds Pharmacy 9 Johnson Street 288 3313
Lloyds Pharmacy 190 Duke Street 275 9573
Lloyds Pharmacy Duke Medical Centre 272 7991
Lloyds Pharmacy Unit 39, Crystal Peaks West Mall 247 8335
Lloyds Pharmacy Unit 4, Westfield Centre 248 3600
Oakbrook Pharmacy (Greencross) 237 Oakbrook Road 230 8560
Rowlands Pharmacy 827 Barnsley Road 245 6567
Rowlands Pharmacy 149 Burngreave Road 275 4920
Swift Pharmacy Burngreave 1 Gower Street 272 3366
Peak was Swifts (Morrisons) 1 Oxclose Park Road North 228 0999
Lloyds was Sainsbury’s Pharmacy Archer Road 235 2745
Weldricks (Sothall)Pharmacy 26 Eckington Road 247 7216
Weldricks Pharmacy 171 Main Road 243 1890
Whitworth Chemists 219 School Road 266 9613
Wicker Pharmacy 55 – 67 Wicker 272 7676
Vantage Pharmacy 2 Ridgeway Road 239 8337


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All Queries to Amy Buddery, Sexual Health Lead, Health Improvement Principal: amy.buddery@sheffield.gov.uk / Tel: 0114 273 5482

For Operational Queries / payments, please contact:
Lorraine Gosnell – Lorraine.gosnell@sheffield.gov.uk  / Telephone 0114 293 0171