Stop Smoking Service

E-voucher dispensing guide 1st April 2020


UPDATED Sheffield_SFS_SLA_for_NRT_Champix _Bupropion_ 2018-2020_FINAL

Champix Sheffield PGD

Swyt09_23_01PGD Bupropion


Letter to Pharmacies re PGD Renewel 2017_8

Letter to Pharmacies re up-dated PGD 2017_18 addendum

Letter to Pharmacies re updated PGD 2017_18

New Stop Smoking Service – Briefing to Pharmacies

Letter to Pharmacies re SLA for PGD 2017-18

Sheffield_SFS_SLA_for_NRT_and_Champix_ 2017_18 FINAL



Smoke Free Sheffield SLA for NRT and Champix 2016-17 FINAL

Extract SLA for providers July 2016

Sheffield PDG 1 April 2016

extract SLA for providers July 2016

Historical Information

2014 SLA / PGD Documents below:


Previous Service Level Agreement for the Stop Smoking Service – SLA Pharmacy Providers Aug 2013