Julie Cooper MP visits Basegreen Pharmacy

Julie Cooper MP visits Basegreen Pharmacy

October 19, 2018

Julie Cooper MP visits Basegreen Pharmacy

Julie Cooper Labour MP for Burnley yesterday (18/10/18) visited Basegreen Pharmacyto discuss new ways of working in Primary Care. The visit was hosted by Our very own Vice Chair Crispin Bliss and Pharmacy Owner and PSNC Regional Representative Garry Myers, both of whom have been key to the implementation and success of the New Integrated Care Model between Basegreen Pharmacy and Jaunty Springs Medical Centre, along with the Pharmacy Team at Basegreen.


Photo: Crispin Bliss, Julie Cooper MP and Garry Myers

New Model of Care:

Julie gave up several hours from her busy schedule to visit Basegreen Pharmacy to hear about their new integrated model of care where the community pharmacists at Basegreen Pharmacy have become integrated members of the practice team at Jaunty Springs Medical Centre; releasing GP time and improving outcomes for patients. In particular Julie was interested in how this model worked from a technology perspective, what the GP’s thoughts were about this new way of working, what patient’s thought about the pharmacist having access to their GP records and how they felt about seeing their community pharmacist for some aspects of their care that they may previously have had to go to the practice for and the benefits to patients. Crispin and Garry demonstrated exactly what can, and is being done at the pharmacy, expanding the traditional scope of practice of the community pharmacist (from that in the core NHS Pharmacy Contract) better utilising the clinical, consultation and medicine optimisation skills of the pharmacist improving patient care and providing vital support to the GP practice.

Julie wanted to know about the NHS funded programme of Pharmacists working in General Practice and how the Model at Basegreen differed to this. The Pharmacists in General Practice programme involves Pharmacist support to GP practices on a 1 to 30, 000 patient footprint. This means that most GP practices only receive half to one day a week pharmacist support, with pharmacists working across a number of GP practices. The Basegreen Model provides pharmacist support on a 1 to 4000 patient footprint with additional benefits including provision of pharmacist support to the GP practice on a daily basis and face to face access to the community pharmacist by patients (often without an appointment) in the pharmacy having huge advantages to the quality and quantity of support the GP practice receives from the community pharmacist. The pre-existing pharmacist-patient relationship is also an added benefit.

Growing Evidence for integrated GP-Community Pharmacist working:

Julie’s visit coincided with the publication of the evaluation of the Sheffield joint working project between GPs and Pharmacists, set up under the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund:


The paper, authored by academics at Bradford University and Jo Tsoneva and Peter Magirr from the CCG Medicines Management Team is a mixed methods study looking at the benefits of this type of joint working. The authors note that the Sheffield scheme was the first of its kind to achieve almost universal uptake by GPs throughout a large city.

The study findings reveal the potential for CP–GP joint-working in increasing perceived positive care delivery and reducing fragmented care and can inform future implementation at scale and at practice level.

New Funding Model:

Garry and Crispin took the opportunity to stress to Julie that Community Pharmacy needs a new funding model in order to release the potential of community pharmacy and help make new models of care like the one at Basegreen become reality across the country, proposing what a new funding model could potentially look like.

Medicines Supply Issues:

 Julie was also interested to hear about the difficulties community pharmacies have been facing regarding medicine availability and the impact that the out of stock issues have had on community pharmacy teams both financially and in the staff time involved in trying to obtain vital medicines for their patients. She was interested to hear the pharmacy teams views about this and the impact that Brexit may have on stock availability.


We would like to thank Julie for giving up her time to come and see what a difference supporting integration of community pharmacy in to general practice and expanding the role of the community pharmacist can make. We would also like to thank Crispin, Garry and the Basegreen Pharmacy team for hosting this visit.

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