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190315 EU Exit Comms

EU Exit operational readiness guidance cover letter

EU Exit Operational Readiness Guidance


Pregabalin and Gabapentin Briefing Note – 12 Feb 2019

Pharmacy bulletin_Dec 2018_FINAL

EpiPen 150 microgram validation protocol version 2.7 New stock amendment…

AAI QAs for Pharmacies and Dispensing Practices 5112018_

Adrenaline for anaphylaxis kits – a reminder to Health Care Professionals:  20181009 – EpiPen Advice – NHSI Final

Heatwave alert June 2018:

Please see letter from NHSE: Heatwave alert


NHSE Responses to Government Contractual Framework Announcement 2016-17 & Beyond:


Sheffield – Pharmacy Opening Times 3rd May and 31st May 2021

FINAL Sheffield – Pharmacy Opening Times Easter 2021

NHSEI_Profile Updater Guidance

Sheffield – Pharmacy Opening Times Christmas / New Year 2020-21

Sheffield – Pharmacy Opening Times 31st August 2020

Sheffield – Pharmacy Opening Times 25th May 2020

EMBED Newsletters:

Issue 21 – FINAL

Dentists, Optoms & Pharmacies Comms – Issue 19 – FINAL

DOPs Communication – Issue 18

Dentist Optoms and Pharmacy Communications – Issue 17 – FINAL

DOPs Communication – Issue 16 FINAL

DOPs Communications – Issue 15

DOPs Communication – Issue 13.14 FINAL


NHS England Newsletters / Communications:

Keith Ridge Joint Comms:  Joint Covering Letter FINAL – 10 March / Joint National Plan for Inclusive Pharmacy Practice – 10 March

FLU:  B0186_Flu vacc letter to frontline staff_16 Sep 2020

190109_RIDR_A3 poster

Newsletter on Parafin-based and Non-Parafin-based Emolients

April 2017 here

NHSE Pharmacy August 2017 Update Email

NHS CD Newsletter Opioids Aware – Special October Edition 2016 here

Controlled Drugs and Wholesale Dealer’s Authorisation for Human Use: Controlled Drugs WDA(H) (Feb 2014):  This details the requirement that ANY supply of stock medicines on a commercial basis by a pharmacy now requires a WDA(H) to be held by the supplying pharmacy.

Click here to see communication from Dr David Black, Medical Director, NHS England, South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Area Team (29 October 2013)


MSN_2021_049 Asacol (Mesalazine) 800mg MR tablets

MSN 2021_045 Metformin oral solution 500mg in 5ml

MSN_2021_043 Xylocaine 1% (lidocaine) with adrenaline

MSN_2020_063 Butec 15microgram per hour patch

MSN2020_043U2 Oral Contraceptive Tablets Update 2

VSN2020_001U Pneumovax 23 (PPV23) UPDATE

VSN2020_001_Pneumovax 23 (PPV23)

MSN_2020_053 Desmopressin OCTIM nasal spray

MSN2020054 Ativan

MSN_2020_051 Zonisamide 50mg&100mg capsules

MSN2020_043U Oral Contraceptive tablets UPDATE


Advanced Pharmacist Practice Handbook Dec 2020 (2)

SYB ACP commissioning guide 2021 2022

Community – New Employers

HEE Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme (IFPP)

261120_Advanced Practice Handbook (1)

SoPMO Navigating Advanced Pharmacist Practice Training Handbook v1.01

HEE IFPP Update #8 – w.c. 21 September

HEE IFPP Update #7 – w.c. 14 September

HEE IFPP Update #4 – w.c. 24 August Final

HEE IFPP Update #3 – w.c. 17 August FINAL

IFPP Update Aug 2020

IFPP FAQs August 2020

LPC flyer – HEE IFPP promotion – Deadline extension

Letter_SoPMO Skills investment_ training funding bids invited_2020

Expressions of interest Letter 2020_North Cross- Sector PTPT Training J…

Guidance for prospective employers_PTPT Cross Sector Training_North_June…

Appendix 3_Sample PTPT Training Plan

MPharm student deployment joint guidance FINAL 09 04 2020

North SoPMO Jan 20 Newsletter

North SoPMO Sept 19 Newsletter

Education Briefing July 2019

North SoPMO June 19 Newsletter

18022019 Commonwealth Pharmaid Scheme

North SoPMO November 2018 Newsletter

Educational Supervisor Flyer 14th Oct 2018

North SoPMO Sept 2018 Newsletter[1]

North SoPMO Newsletter_April_2018

School of Medicines Optimisation Newsletter February 2018

PRP Recruitment Letter New Employers 15.01.18 North

UoM Clinical Practice Flyer

UoM module listing

28022019 Pharma Clinical Entrepreneur letter Year 4 approved

Diamorphine primary care communication-May 2019

Microgynon_Ovranette Comms May 2019



Primary Care Pharmacy Technicians agenda 19 March 2018

Directions to DVH

Technician Networking Event

Flyer 12th June 2019