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Here you will find information relating to Smartcards, Summary Care Records, EPS and Pharmoutcomes.

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CDs in EPS

NATIONAL ROLL OUT OF SCHEDULE 2 & 3 DRUGS IN EPS: Further to previous information regarding the roll out of EPS CDs in EPS in Sheffield, see the national and local information below:

National roll out of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs in EPS – The national roll out of controlled drugs (CDs) in EPS will start on Thursday 28 February for TPP SystmOne and Vision GP practices.

This means that the number of CD prescriptions you receive via EPS will increase significantly as more GP practices have the functionality switched on. It is important that all staff working in your pharmacy, including locums, are aware of the roll out and prepared to dispense an electronic prescription for a controlled drug.

If you receive a prescription for a Schedule 2 or 3 CD via EPS, you should dispense it as you would any other electronic prescription.  Processing Schedule 2 & 3 CDs electronically using EPS will make the process safer and more secure.

You may find it useful to check when the GP practices local to you are going live by checking the roll out schedule here.  

As patients can nominate any EPS Release 2 enabled pharmacy in England, you could receive an electronic CD prescription at any time, even if there are no GP practices close to you currently live with CD functionality.  GP practices taking part in the EPS Phase 4 pilot will prescribe CDs electronically both for patients with nominations and for those without (on Phase 4 tokens).  For more information and best practice guidance see here

Please note the latest information passed from NHS Sheffield CCG (26.02.19) regarding these changes:

  • SystmOne practices (the majority of GP practices in Sheffield) – WEF 4 March – Pharmacies will no longer get a printed FP10 for controlled drugs – they will be sent electronically;
  • EMIS practices – CD scripts will still be printed (but it is expected EMIS will update their clinical system soon).

Further information about how the change affects GP practices and Community Pharmacies is available on the NHS Digital website.

EMIS EPS CD go live dates

CDs in EPS

EPS Tokens

EPS Tokens should now be ordered through Primary Care Services England (PCSE) click here

Issues with PCSE?

Phone: 0333 0142884

Email: pcse.enquiries@nhs.net

NHS Mail

NHS Mail request form (for individuals) here

NHS Mail additional User requests form


Please click here for information on handling Pharmoutcomes Notifications.


For queries with smart card access contact Embed

Tel: 03003000620

Email: eMBED.smartcards@nhs.net

Smartcard Sponsor

It is recommended that every pharmacy has two sponsors and two smartcard unlockers.

To become a sponsor you need to follow these steps:

Familiarise yourself with the guidance leaflets below:

Registering a new user

Verifying user identity

Adding smartcard access

Unlocking a smartcard

Renewing smartcard certificates

Self service unlocking information can be found here

Alternatively you could do ‘In house’ training with a current sponsor

Email Victoria Lindon v.lindon@nhs.net with your smart card number, ODS code and a letter of authority for you to be a sponsor for your organisation from your superintendent or area manager.

This can then be authorised by Victoria and passed to Embed to add to your smart card.

Summary Care Records

The following steps must be completed to access Summary Care Records:

  1. At least one member of the pharmacy team must attend face to face training
  2. Registered professional wishing to have access must complete CPPE training pack on SCR
  3. Acceptable User Agreement (AUA) completed for the pharmacy. Link here
  4. Follow the instructions in the attached document here and fill in the online request form here

More information including test patients and sample SOP’s can be found here

Summary Care Record Checklist can be found here

Top Tips

Assign someone an Admin Role.

It is recommended that a pharmacy team member has the Administrator (LSA) or Sponsor Role so that they can assist team members with smartcard issues.

Favourite the online Care Identity Service (CIS) portal as this is the portal that allows you to manage smartcards. Ensure you system can access it.

Print off the Smart card factsheets, which summarise how to manage cards effectively.

Print off this useful Reference Guide to display in store.

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