Sheffield Young Carers

Identifying Sheffield’s Young Carers

There are over 7300 young carers in Sheffield and that is likely to be an underestimate. It is difficult to provide the exact numbers because many remain hidden and unidentified. Young carers provide invaluable support to their families where there is long term illness or disability, whether physical or mental ill health. One of the caring responsibilities they undertake is collecting and administering medications to their cared for person.

Working together

CPS  have been working with Sheffield Young Carers (SYC),an independent charity dedicated to supporting young carers across the city, to see how community pharmacies could help to identify and support young carers who may come into their pharmacy.

How to identify a young carer:

The legal definition of a young carer is up to 18 years of age, however SYC work with young people aged between 8 and 25 years of age, therefore they would be happy for community pharmacies to refer any young person they identify as a carer up to the age of 25 years.

If you notice a young person regularly collecting medicines for a family member, you can check in with them to see if they are helping a family member. If they would like to talk to someone about support they can get pharmacy staff can refer any young carer (up to the age of 25 years) to Sheffield Young Carers through PharmOutcomes. Sheffield Young Carers can then send information to the young carer about their Project and the support they offer.

Their is detailed guidance on SYC’s website on how to identify a young carer:

SYC are also happy to come and talk to your pharmacy staff or send you information about their project and the support they can offer young people. Contact details:

Tel: 0114 258 4595


The PharmOutcomes referral form is very simple and quick to complete; young persons details and a couple of tick boxes! See below:

Healthy Living Pharmacies

HLPs may wish to go one step further and appoint a Carer Champion within the pharmacy team. The Carer Champion (or multiple champions) can act as a point of contact with young carers and their families as well as the local carer service and can ensure that processes are set up within the pharmacy to identify and support carers.

Young Carers Authorisation Form (Medicines Collection):

There has been a national Young Carers Authorisation form that has been developed that you may wish to utilise within your pharmacy:


The Young Carers Authorisation Form (Medicines Collection) is intended to make it easier for young people with caring responsibilities (young carers) to collect medicines from a pharmacy on behalf of the person they help to look after. For further information regarding medicines collection by young people see below:


Additional Information and Advice:

SYC and CPS have produced a leaflet for young carers about how to look after their health and what pharmacies can do to help them.

Top tips for young carers – how pharmacists can help FINAL[970] updated DR

There is more information, including a professionals section with information about medical conditions written in a young people friendly way at:

Background information to support this joint working:

Engaging with pharmacies a toolkit for young carer services