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Sheffield has delivered HENRY (health, exercise and nutrition for the really young) as part of our weight management strategy for parents with children under 5.  They are exiting HENRY from 1 April 2018 and will replace it with Start Well Sheffield Family Programme.
Leaflets available here:

Start Well leaflet

Start Well Sheffield Family Programme Poster[1]

Start Well Sheffield Family Programme is for parents and carers (including grandparents) who have children aged under 5. It is a two and a half hour per week programme running over five weeks and its focus is giving children the very best start in life.  Subjects covered include healthy eating habits; looking after ourselves as parents; age appropriate physical activities for the family; understanding parenting styles; managing challenging behaviour; offering guided choices; discussing appropriate portion sizes; looking at snack swaps; food labelling with Change4Life app; and emotional health and wellbeing with oral health and hygiene.  They are taking referrals from early years practitioners including Health Visitors and other support agencies in the City.  Families can self-refer at or by phone on 0114 273 5596.  Tip for printing the double sided leaflet – select ‘flip short side’ otherwise it will print upside down.