Virtual Outcomes Online Training

Free Online Training For Sheffield Pharmacy Teams:

As part of our on-going commitment to ‘Represent, Support and Develop’ pharmacy teams in Sheffield, CPS have invested in “Virtual Outcomes” as an on-line training solution to help support the whole Pharmacy Team to meet the various challenges which form part of the current Pharmacy Contract. The modules are designed to assist pharmacy teams in responding to NHS England Public Health Campaigns and support Healthy Living Champions and HLPs to access useful resources to ensure best outcomes for patients. There are monthly on-line training modules (which can be accessed free at any time throughout the year).
On the 1st of each month a new course will become available and can be accessed at work or at home via a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Features & Benefits of the Online Training:

  • Each course takes 15-25 minutes to complete
  • Certificate of completion – to go in Healthy Living Pharmacy and/or GPhC file as evidence of continued staff training
  • Links to websites for resources to support the campaigns are provided and easy to access
  • Hints and Tips on how to set up HLP Health Zones
  • New staff will be able to access ALL the courses available

How to Access the Training:

Access to the modules is very easy by completing an online registration the first time you participate. Once done you will be notified directly with details of the next available on-line training.

To get started read the VirtualOutcomes Login Easy Guide May 19 then click on the link:

Examples of Modules Available:

Ask your pharmacy team – aimed at parents of children under 5
Bowel Cancer
Mental Health
Men’s Health week
Travel/Get ready for summer
Blood in Pee
Drug and Steroid Misuse
Stay Well This Winter
Alcohol Consumption
Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
Dry January 2020
CPD Record Log
NHS CPCS Jan 2021