COVID Somerset LPC Information Hub

This HUB focuses on the local Somerset system-based factors, decisions, and support available, that will impact on your COVID operational reality.

Your LPC will add critical local instructions and regular updates.

Please read it regularly and reflect on how you can use the information in practice. Contact the LPC at: if you need any help or further information.


Somerset Test Request Arrangements Guidance  We have been working to put in place testing for colleagues for COVID-19. The aim of this is to minimise the period of time that colleagues working in high priority services need to spend in isolation away from work. We have lots of available local laboratory capacity which we will look to utilise in the first instance as the results have been received in less than 24 hours and up to 36 hours. The method used by the lab is PHE approved. All staff are trained to undertake the swabs and observed to ensure competence.  For further information go to: Somerset COVID-19 testing procedures for staff


Palliative care for COVID-19 patients  We have been working closely with the Somerset System End-Of-Life and Palliative Care teams to create an additional support process for provision of meds for COVID End of Life Care. We have already written out to share the guidance pack with you, please ensure the stock is not on-hand and the patient leaflets are printed and ready to provide with dispensed prescriptions should they land.

The use of oral medication for symptom control COVID FINAL inc DT 3.4.20 CD

Symptom Observation Chart Updated 15.11.19

Carer administration of sublingual lorazepam CL draft v1 COVID19

Carer administration of scopoderm patch

Carer administration of rectal suppositories


COVID-19: Guidance on dealing with patient-returned/unwanted medicines (England) The NPA and PSNC, Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group (CPPSG) and the RPS have jointly produced Guidance for community pharmacies in England on dealing with patient-returned/unwanted medicines.  Please email if you are asked to do anything different with returns by any local stakeholders from within your PCN.




Media resource hub to help pharmacies tell their NHS frontline stories  NPA and PSNC have jointly created a media resource hub, to make it simpler for pharmacy teams and LPCs to tell their NHS frontline stories, to newspapers and via social media. Resources include an online reporting form, social media and newspaper templates, a template email to your local MP and ‘pharmacy heroes’ placard. Please get behind the campaign and use as much of these materials as you can.


Somerset LPC Social Media Support for our Pharmacies  The LPC is actively campaigning on your behalf via social media and other channels. Please retweet and share these messages to support your LPC and colleagues to drive the local messaging. We have provided resources you can use for your own social media posts here.