Emergency Supply National Pharmacy Audit

NHS England and Somerset LPC have been in discussion regarding the upcoming national pharmacy audit.
There are two data collection periods as part of the audit:
Period ONE will occur from Monday 23rd March until Sunday 5th April. 
Period TWO will occur from Monday 6th April until Sunday 19th April.
Most multiples have informed their pharmacies of which period to conduct the audit.  However if you work in a multiple pharmacy and haven’t received this communication from your head office, or you work for an independent pharmacy we suggest that:
All pharmacies with an NHS (F) code ending in a ODD number should complete the audit in PERIOD ONE.
All pharmacies with an NHS (F) code ending in an EVEN number should complete the audit in PERIOD TWO.
Here are the documents you will need to conduct the audit:
If you have any questions, or are unsure of your NHS (F) code, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing somersetlpc@gmail.com.