Meeting Dates and Minutes

Meeting Dates

The full committee meets on a bi-monthly basis, with a meeting of the LPC executive on alternate months. Contractors are able to attend any full committee meeting from 2pm.

Could contractors interested in attending a meeting please contact Mary Pennington at:

Meeting Minutes

Copies of authorised minutes from LPC & Exec meetings can be accessed below:


December 2020 LPC Exec agenda

LPC Minutes and Next Steps 18th November

November 2020 LPCommittee agenda

LPC Exec meeting mins 10th Nov (1)

November 2020 LPC Exec agenda (1)

LPC Minutes 20th October_ (4)

October LPCommittee agenda 2

LPC Exec meeting 29th Sept

Sept LPC Exec agenda

LPC August Mins (1)

August Full Committee August agenda1

LPC Exec ZOOM conference July

July LPC Exec agenda (1)

LPC Exec ZOOM conference June

June LPC Exec agenda (2)

LPC MAY Mins[60125]

May LPC Committee agenda

LPC Exec ZOOM conference

March LPC Committee agenda (Michael Lennox)

LPC Exec Mins March 4th 2020

LPC Jan Mins

Somerset LPC Committee Meeting Agenda January 2020

LPC Exec Mins Jan 6th 2020


LPC NOV Mins 2019

LPC AGENDA 27th Nov 2019

Somerset LPC Exec Mins final 18th NOV 2019

LPC OCT Mins 2019

LPC AGENDA Oct 9th 2019

Exec Mins 3rd Oct 2019

LPC Mins 2019 Aug

LPC AGENDA Aug 7th 2019

Exec Mins 25th July 2019

LPC Minutes MAY 2019

LPC AGENDA May 15th 2019 final

Exec Mins 18th April 2019

LPC Mins March 21st 2019

LPC AGENDA March 21st 2019

Exec Mins 11th March 2019

LPC Mins 16th Jan 2019

LPC AGENDA Jan 16th 2019


Exec Mins 10th Dec 2018

LPC Mins 14th Nov 2018

LPC AGENDA Nov 14th 2018

Exec Mins Oct 22nd 2018

LPC Mins Sept 12th 2018

LPC AGENDA Sept 12th 2018

LPC Mins July 18th 2018

LPC AGENDAJuly18th2018

Exec Mins June 25th 2018

LPC Mins May 9th 2018

LPC Mins April 2018

LPC Mins March 2018

LPC Mins Jan 2018

EXEC Mins Jan 2018