NUMSAS: New service specification and Directions published

At NHS England’s Pharmacy Integration Fund event on Thursday 16th November 2017, NHS England announced that the NHS Urgent Medicine Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS) would continue to be commissioned for a further six months beyond the end of March; therefore the service will be running until the end of September 2018.

To reflect the six-month extension of NUMSAS, NHS England has today (19th March 2018) published an updated service specification. The Department of Health and Social Care has also issued accompanying Secretary of State Directions which come into effect on 30th March 2018.

There have been no substantive changes to the service specification or the Directions, other than to make an amendment to allow NUMSAS referrals to be made from Integrated Urgent Care hubs as well as NHS 111 call centres. In practical terms, this minor amendment should not affect how the service operates from a pharmacy perspective and no action is required by contractors and pharmacy teams.

Further information on NUMSAS can be found on the PSNC website.

Click here to view the new service specification