Turning Point Prescribing-Urgent Supervised Consumption

Turning Point Prescribing-Urgent Supervised Consumption

May 3, 2020

  • During the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Turning Point have had to implement some changes to their operations, As you know they have switched patients to weekly/fortnightly collections of methadone/buprenorphrine where possible.
  • Due to this change stocks of FP10MDA prescriptions (blue prescription forms) have run low so an agreement has been made with NHSE-I that they can use FP10 (green prescription forms) for now.
  • There is no change to any legality surrounding these prescriptions, the 3 day non-collection rule applies, missed doses etc and payments remain unchanged.
    Guidance from Turning Point and advice from the LPC during the Covid-19 Pandemic can be found below.

Appropriate date and Covid-19 V1.00 Mar 2020

LPC Covid19Supervised

COVID 19 Community pharmacy factsheet 24032020[37313]. TP docx

LPC contact details March 2020

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