About Suffolk LPC

Suffolk LPC is one of a number of LPCs which operate in East Anglia as the local voice for community pharmacies. Across Suffolk we work with 135 community pharmacies including those that are independently owned alongside those that are part of larger community pharmacy chains.

Suffolk LPC covers the whole of Suffolk including Waveney pharmacies and works closely with Suffolk County Council and the three Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group areas of Ipswich and East (IESCCG), West (WSCCG) and Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG (GY&WCCG). We now are working in an ever-closer federation with Norfolk LPC, and they currently lead on most interactions with Norfolk and Waveney CCG and System Transformation Partnership (STP), covering all of Norfolk and Waveney. We also work alongside Essex LPC to represent community pharmacy contractors across the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System (ICS)

The aim of Suffolk LPC is to represent community pharmacies, working in collaboration with others, to improve the health and well-being of the people in our county. Community pharmacies are working with other health and social care professionals to become an effective integrated part of primary health and social care to deliver the best outcomes for their patients. There are significant opportunities for community pharmacies to do more to support their local communities. It is our role as the LPC to be the voice and support for community pharmacies in Suffolk so they can continue to develop and deliver a wide range of services that meet the needs of local people.

The work of Suffolk LPC is not for profit, with our funding coming directly via a small levy on each pharmacy Contractor. We are not primarily a patient-facing organisation, and so unfortunately cannot routinely respond to queries from members of the public. Please do though follow us on social media where useful community pharmacy messages will be broadcast.

Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20

The Annual Report for the LPC has been published, alongside the audited accounts for the last financial year:

Annual Report 2019-20

Suffolk LPC Audited Accounts 2019-20

These accounts were unanimously accepted at the LPCs AGM in September 2020

Previous Years:

Annual Report 2018-19

Accounts 2018-19

Copies from previous years can be obtained by contacting info@suffolklpc.org.uk

Business Strategy 2020/21

The LPC has a Strategic Business Plan which is reviewed by the Committee at each meeting and forms the basis of the work plan for officers. This allows the committee to regularly review local priorities and ensures that employed officers are better utilised to achieve the right outcomes for contractors.

Strategic Business plan -Officers Work Plan-Comms Jan-March 2020

The LPC business planning process has been paused to allow officers to support the system wide Covid planning process