Your LPC Committee 2020

The local organisation for community pharmacy is the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC). The LPC is the focus for all community pharmacists and community pharmacy owners and is an independent and representative group. The LPC works locally with NHS England Sub Regions, CCGs, Local Authorities and other healthcare professionals to help plan healthcare services.

The LPC negotiates and discusses pharmacy services with commissioners and is available to give advice to community pharmacy contractors and others wanting to know more about local pharmacy. LPCs liaise closely with their medical equivalent the Local Medical Committee so that GPs and pharmacists can work together to deliver services to patients. We also work in partnership with our other local representative committees.

All committee members complete a Declaration of Interests (DOI) at the beginning of each committee cycle, which is updated as and when circumstances change. Please click on individuals names to see a copy of their DOI (information is shown without signatures for data protection reasons).

Suffolk LPC consists of 13 members and employs three officers. To find out more about your local committee, see the table below:

Committee Member  Pharmacy they Represent
Greg McCarthy Boots
Catherine Armstrong Boots
Jo Howe Boots
Alister Huong Boots (Chair)
Lee Doherty Lloyds
Martin Howe Morrisons
Vicki Hitchings Independant
Nick Smith Independent (Finance Officer)
Michelle Claridge Independent (Vice Chair)
Parv Lali Independent
Anil Sharma Independent
Mohammed Alom Independent
John Jiang Independent

Suffolk LPC Officers

Tania Farrow, Chief Officer – 

Myra Battle, Service Support Officer –

Kristina Boulton, Communications Officer-


General Email –


Meeting Dates & Venues 2020

Suffolk LPC meets bi-monthly with an AGM in September.

Meetings of the full committee are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting from 10am (Peterborough & Cambridge LPC -Tuesday / Norfolk LPC – Thursday).

Officer Pre-Meets are held about 10 days before each full committee meeting to set the agenda and to prepare for the meeting to ensure all the main priorities are covered. They involve the Chair,the Vice Chair and the Finance Officer and employed officers.

The dates and venues for LPC meetings in 2020 are as follows:

Date Venue
15th January 2020 Gr Floor Rm 14, West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3SP
18th March 2020 Go-To-Meeting Online
20th May 2020 Go-To-Meeting Online
15th July 2020 Microsoft Teams Meeting Online
23rd September 2020 (AGM) Microsoft Teams Meeting Online
18th November 2020 Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead, Ipswich, IP9 2AB
20th January 2021 Gr Floor Rm 13, West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3SP
17th March 2021 Elisabeth Room, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2BX

If you want to learn more about the LPC or would like to attend an LPC meeting as an observer, please contact Tania Farrow (Chief Officer) on 07758 739052 or


Contractor Issues

If there are any issues contractors would like to report, please do so via the survey monkey:

Committee Minutes

Interested in Joining the LPC?

When vacancies for members of the committee arise they are notified in two ways:

Independent: An email will be sent to all independent contractors and the vacancy will be advertised on the website

CCA: The CCA will be informed of the vacancy and the committee will be sent details of the new member once a suitable local candidate has been selected.

If you want to know what being an LPC committee member involves, click on the link below or contact Tania Farrow on

LPC Guide for Prospective Members