Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

In the latest of a series of milestones in its seven year history, more than 20 million patients in England are now using EPS. What began in July 2009, with the first EPS patient at a pharmacy in Leeds, has grown to more than one in every three patients now having a nomination.

2016 was a noteworthy year in the life of EPS, with a number of significant stages being reached. In the spring, EPS processed one million prescriptions in a single day and the number of electronic prescription items passed the 500 million mark. In August, almost half of all prescriptions in England were claimed through the system.

We will inform all contractors of local EPSR2 details as soon as they are available.

However, it is really important that you start to prepare for the roll out NOW.

Click HERE to see the current list of Practices preparing for roll-out and Go Live dates

77% of Suffolk Practices are now Live which will reach 86% by end of May. Remaining practices are preparing to Go Live and you will only be given 8 weeks notice to ensure you are ready. 

Please read our latest Guidance.

Pharmacy Checklist for EPS Release 2

Please also see the latest Guidance on Electronic Repeat Dispensing from NHS England


We would therefore urge all contractors to:

– Make sure that your pharmacy computer system is EPSR2 compliant. If you are not sure PLEASE CONTACT YOUR IT SERVICE PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY to check that you are able to process electronic prescriptions.All pharmacies whose systems do not appear to be compliant will have been contacted by the LPC by email or phone to ensure contractors are aware.

– Make sure that you and your staff know how EPSR2 will work in YOUR pharmacy, who will need smart cards, how you register patient nominations, where you get EPS tokens from and how you will claim for electronic prescriptions at the end of the month.

– Start collecting patient nominations NOW by speaking to your patients about electronic prescriptions and getting their consent to dispense electronic prescriptions for them when the service is available. For information on the nomination process please click on this link. Nominate now!