Health Living Pharmacy Level 2 (HLP2)

Community pharmacies are an essential, valued and well-respected component of primary care in Suffolk. The important role of community pharmacies in supporting self-care, promoting the prevention agenda and providing community-based services without the need for an appointment has been recognised. Suffolk LPC has been actively involved in supporting the evolution of the new NHS structures and has worked closely with both East and West Alliances as they have transformed community services to become integrated at place level. However, it has been challenging to understand the mechanism by which community pharmacies can be embedded into service delivery. With the imminent development of Primary Care Networks as the key component of delivering the NHS Long Term Plan, the need to fully integrate community pharmacy into primary care provision is clear.

In February 2019 The Suffolk and North East Essex STP Board approved an approach to investment of national transformation funds related to the system transition to an Integrated Care System.  The majority of the funds are to be distributed to primary care and the voluntary and community sector to support:

  • Development of the Alliances including primary care networks
  • Development and delivery of Higher Ambitions through the Alliances and Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

The primary care component of the funding is to be distributed via local CCGs to further support development of local primary care networks across GPs and other primary care providers including community pharmacists.

Funding has been provided for the development and implementation of HLP Level 2 across Ipswich and East Suffolk and West Suffolk Alliance areas. Suffolk LPC has worked with local Alliance and Public Health leads to agree a final model for the HLP Level 2 framework that will meet local need. The framework consists of a combination of training, which the pharmacy will be supported to complete as well as ensuring that commissioned services that support local priorities are delivered within each local network. The outcomes of the roll out of Level 2 will create sufficient evidence to determine whether Level 3 could be achieved as part of a second phase, which would allow the community pharmacy sector to become fully integrated into primary care networks.

HLP Level 2 Framework

Click here to view the HLP2 framework.

Aims of the framework

  • To ensure that the standards achieved in HLP Level 1 are maintained and become embedded in working practice as a pre-requisite of engagement with HLP Level 2
  • To begin the integration of community pharmacies into Primary Care Networks through targeted delivery of locally commissioned services to meet local population need.
  • To train Health Coaches within community pharmacy teams to support behaviour change and referral to other community providers within existing Integrated Neighbourhood Teams
  • To support four targeted pharmacy-based campaigns per year in conjunction with other community providers
  • To look at opportunities for building on existing commissioned services to improve delivery and patient outcomes.
  • To look at opportunities for developing additional commissioned services to meet local need around support for self-care and prevention.
  • To begin the development of community pharmacy teams to support key ICS priorities including early diagnosis of cancer and mental health support.

HLP Level 2 Accreditation Resources

HLP Level 2 Expression of Interest

We are now inviting expressions of interest from pharmacies in East and West Suffolk to complete the Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 2 Framework.

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Expression of Interest for HLP2