National Links for COVID 19

As the information is constantly updating please see links below to PSNC for all information about COVID-19 and action plans for pharmacies.

PSNC COVID – 19 Main Site

This contains all the latest PSNC news and information on COVID-19 including

PSNC Report medicine shortages or pricing issues

If COVID-19 is causing you a medicine shortage or price increase, please report to PSNC in the usual way as above.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure – Community Pharmacy v3 published 10th August 2020

This is the updated link to the standard operating procedures specifically for community pharmacy teams.

PHE campaign resources hub

Please use this link to the current poster you should be displaying at entry points to your pharmacy and COVID-19 banners to display

Stay at home: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection guidance for how to advise a patient with suspected COVID-19.

General Pharmaceutical Council

Statement issued to registered staff about using professional judgement in staff and patients’ best interest. Including options such as access to a pharmacist by phone or video link for short durations to allow continuity where all other options have been exhausted.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Provides a statement about RPS support for using your professional judgement in difficult times to come.

It also includes drop-down menus to support your contingency planning.

RPS Letter to Supermarket Staff for Pharmacy teams – Dedicated shopping hours for NHS

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Information on COVID-19 infection in pregnancy (Multiple pharmacies should follow company guidelines)

Diabetes & Primary Care

Includes a downloadable COVID-19 and diabetes factsheet to help with prescribing considerations, general advice for managing diabetes during intercurrent illness and flowchart for those on insulin.

Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership website

Information to help spot the signs of neglect or abuse and what to do it pharmacy teams are concerned about a child or an adult.