Day Lewis Pharmacy in Bury St Edmunds helped a suicidal patient

Day Lewis Pharmacy in Bury St Edmunds helped a suicidal patient

August 9, 2021

Day Lewis Pharmacy in Bury St Edmunds helped a suicidal patient last month.

Masih Kunduzi the Pharmacist Manager said: “The patient came into the pharmacy very distressed and informed the staff that they had attempted to take their own life.

“We immediately got on the phone to the first response team who called an ambulance. Toni Clark the Assistant Manager spoke to the patient, consoled them and remained calm; she also walked them home while they waited for help.

“The patient has been in contact since and thanked us for being there for them. It’s times like these that I am so grateful we offer patients a walk-in service, an open ear to listen to that our whole community can access.

“Day to day we save patients from serious and life threatening medicine interactions, its preventative work hidden from the public eye. I am so proud of the whole team as this time we saved a life of someone who needed help outside the scope of medicines. ”

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