GPHC Make Inspection Reports Public


GPHC Make Inspection Reports Public

September 17, 2019

Pharmacy inspection reports made public

September 17, 2019

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has begun making pharmacy inspection reports available in the public domain.A new website has been created to enable members of the public to view redacted copies of inspection reports. Visitors will be told whether a pharmacy has met or not met all of the core standards for registered pharmacies, as well as how well it is performing against the GPhC’s five principles. The reports featured are all from inspections that have taken place since April 2019.

The move to start publishing these reports is intended to educate the public about what they should expect from pharmacies, whilst also helping to drive improvement in pharmacy services.

As part of this work, the GPhC has published a report on learnings from more than 14,000 pharmacy inspections it has undertaken since 2013. The report shows that 85% of inspected pharmacies met all of the required standards and, of those inspected twice, more than a fifth improved their rating in the second inspection. However, it also found that pharmacies will only perform well against the standards if pharmacy owners have made sure that their pharmacies have the right governance, systems and culture in place, and are investing in their staff.

To help drive improvement in pharmacy services, the new website also contains a ‘knowledge hub’ showing examples of excellent, good and poor practice identified through pharmacy inspections. The hub can be used by pharmacy teams to learn from others and to improve outcomes for patients and the public using their services.

Visit the Pharmacy inspections website

PSNC Director of Operations and Support, Gordon Hockey, said:

“Although new and perhaps uncomfortable to some, the publication of pharmacy inspection reports accords with the general direction of travel for the regulation of healthcare professionals and the premises from which they work. The associated knowledge hub and learning tools should also assist contractors to comply with these GPhC standards.”

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