Provider Company Update

Provider Company Update

February 13, 2020

Following on from the October 2019 announcement that contractors across Cambridge and Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk LPC’s unanimously voted in favour of setting up a provider company; please see update below:

Let us first make it clear that all three LPCs are still very much committed to forming the provider company in line with the wishes expressed by our contractors in the contractor vote. However there are a couple of external factors which are outside our control which we need to take into account to ensure good governance.

1. The PSNC Review – You will no doubt be aware that the PSNC is currently conducting a review of the roles and structures underpinning PSNC and the LPCs. As this review may result in changes to our LPC network, it would be prudent to wait until the findings are made public in order to ensure that the provider company is in alignment with any new LPC structures. Further information about the review is available via the link below:

Pharmacy Representation Review

2. Rules for Members and Directors of the Provider Company – Following the contractor vote to establish a provider company we have had a lot of interest from prospective members / directors. As you will understand, before anyone can become a member / director they must have read and agreed to the rules of the company. Our provider company rules are currently being drafted with the support of the PSNC, but the Pharmacy Representation Review has also impacted on when that process will be completed.

So we believe it is prudent at this stage to delay the establishment of the provider company until we have more information about the PSNC Review and a definitive set of company rules. We hope that we will then be able to make further progress in the interests of all contractors. We will of course keep you updated of any further developments.

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