Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) & Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows prescribers, such as GPs and Nurses, to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of the patients choice. The aim of the system is to make prescribing and dispensing faster and more convenient for both patients and staff.

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Now that all Pharmacies are Live with EPS across Suffolk we are now looking to progress with Electronic Repeat Dispensing.

EPS Resources

Generic Resources

We recommend that pharmacies upload and familiarise themselves with the EPS Prescription tracker.

Prescription Tracker Factsheet

EPS Prescription Tracker Presentation

If you require further details about this and obtaining EPS payments please see the link below,



General Factsheets

How to do EPS Release 2

Cancellation fact sheet for pharmacies

Nomination factsheet

EPS benefits for pharmacies

Repeat Dispensing factsheet

Reimbursement factsheet

EPS Prescribing Fact Sheet 1

EPS Prescribing Fact Sheet 2

EPS Prescription Cycle

Dispensing Tokens

From March 29th 2016, EPS tokens need to be ordered from Primary Care Services England using the on-line portal.  There are no charges for standard orders although there may be charges for some urgent orders.  PCSE is committed to ensuring NHS England supplies are ordered responsibly and for this reason, prices for items are included to help contractors make an informed decision about what they need.

For more information about PCSE click here

For more information about the Supplies Portal click here

For more information on token submission go to the PSNC webpage

eRD Information & Resources

After EPS Phase 4, Electronic Repeat Dispensing is the next big thing in the EPS world as far as NHS England (NHSE) is concerned.

It is part of the Universal Capability environment within the Local Digital Roadmaps and STPs, as well as being part of the Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

On average, GP practices using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) are sending over half of their prescriptions electronically, but electronic repeat dispensing makes up less than 12% of this total. NHSE has identified eRD as having the potential for significant savings and reduced wastage in the NHS. They say that 80% of current repeats could be transferred to electronic repeat dispensing, which could save over 2.7 million GP practice hours.

eRD simplifies the repeat prescribing process and offers dispensers a range of benefits including:

  • improved stock control – the issues of an eRD prescription are downloaded seven days before they are due, allowing time to order any items which are out of stock
  • reduced time spent collecting paper prescriptions from prescribing sites
  • no need to retain and store paper repeatable prescriptions and batch issues
  • electronic reimbursement reduces the workload at the end of the month

Each time dispensers are required to dispense an eRD prescription, they must ask patients several questions, including details about their medication and whether they have seen a health professional recently. This enables the dispenser to make a clinical decision to either dispense the medication or refer the patient back to their prescriber.

To help you to start to think about eRD and to plan how to approach it, NHS Digital have developed a variety of tools, including:

  • expert-hosted Webinars (available on-Demand)
  • new eLearning functions
  • an eRD Toolkit, which contains useful documents, case studies and guidance.


Smartcard Help

UPDATE: NELCSU RA Smartcards During COVID-19

During COVID-19 the registration and smartcard unlocking processes have been changed.
NHS Digital has approved the use of video calls for new smartcard registration in place of face to face appointments, the posting of new unlocked smartcards and the texting of passcodes.

For more information please see the below communications:

COVID-19 Customer Communication V2A

ID Checker Sponsor E-Learning Registration

Click on the sections below for information on Smartcards in your area.

East and West Suffolk

Requests for new smartcards or any other smartcard queries and issues should be logged through the dedicated RA Service Desk telephone  0300 303 2733 or via the Self Service Portal  selfservice.nelcsu.nhs.uk

Only a Sponsor can log a call on your behalf for any smartcard query

The RA Team have relocated from Endeavour House to:

Whitton Health Centre

Meredith Road



Please click on the link below to print a poster which can be displayed in the pharmacy to ensure all staff members are aware of the contact number.

Pharmacy RA – FINAL

Issuing a new smart card requires relevant ID. Please see below the link below to find out what will be accepted as proof of identity.

RA Smart Card Acceptable POA Identity Docs


Please click on the link below for the Smartcard process for Great Yarmouth and Waveney


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