Summary Care Record (SCR)


In June 2015, it was announced that the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) – now NHS Digital – had been commissioned by NHS England to lead on the implementation of SCR in to community pharmacies.

SCR provides pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with quick access to patient information, such as medication, allergies and adverse reactions, meaning there is less need to contact GPs, especially out-of-hours or during busy periods. Information is available for more than 55 million patients. Over 93% of community pharmacies now have access to SCR and over 24,000 pharmacy professionals have completed the SCR eLearning.

Summary Care Record with Additional Information / whole patient record sharing

December 2017

The CCGs are currently looking to encourage patients to agree to enhanced SCRs which will allow hospital, OOH and pharmacies etc to see more info about patients until full record sharing is available. They would like support to encourage patients to sign up.

Visit the Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG website for information on record sharing.

SCR & Quality Payments

Engagement with SCR is one of the Quality Payment Requirements.

UPDATE Oct 2017 – There has been an amendment to the October Drug Tariff which means that pharmacies who have accessed the SCR 100 times or more in both period 1 and period 2 will meet the SCR quality criterion of the Quality Payments Scheme, even if their usage has not increased.

SCR Quality Points Reference Source: scr-quality-points-nov2016

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society have produced a factsheet guide on when access to SCR is appropriate

Implementation from April 2017

Please note: SCR can only be accessed by Pharmacists and Registered Technicians who have completed the relevant training. 

From April 1st 2017 a new process for SCR access has been introduced.

Detailed guidance and training on how to implement SCR in community pharmacies is available on the implementation page of the NHS Digital website. Information on the role of SCR Governance Persons (SGPs) (formerly known as Privacy Officers) is available on the SGP page of the website.

For a general introduction to SCR please click HERE

PSNC News item (2016): benefits of SCR: click here for more information

If you have any queries about accessing SCR, please email NHS Digital at