SCR – NELCSU implementation


Early preparation guidance for pharmacists and pharmacies is detailed in this implementation check-list. 

Please read this guidance in order to start preparing for the local roll out.Please ensure that all staff members involved in the use of SCR in the pharmacy have a valid smart card before beginning the process.

Process steps

If you wish to access SCR, at least one member of the pharmacy team should have attended a briefing event.

  1. The pharmacy must choose a Privacy Officer. Privacy Officer guidance for Community Pharmacy can be found here and further information about setting up this role, especially in independent pharmacies will be provided at the face to face sessions. There will be on-line web training sessions for staff who are designated Privacy Officers and the dates for these will be listed shortly. The pharmacy will have to have declare IG compliance in order to register for SCR so proper IG processes must be in place.
  2. Pharmacists and Registered Technicians who wish to access SCR will need to complete the CPPE Summary Care Records (SCR) (2016) training pack ( )
  3. The Pharmacy must put in place an SOP for the use of SCR in the pharmacy. A template SOP is available to download here SCR SOP sample
  4. The pharmacy should ensure that they are aware of the technical requirements to allow access to SCR and should ensure that their computer systems are compliant.
  5. The pharmacy should then complete the Acceptable User Agreement Form . This will be accessed on-line.
  6. All CPPE certificates for relevant pharmacists and technicians should be provided to the SCR Project Team, along with their smart card UUID numbers. The SCR team can be contacted on
  7. The RA team will then be requested to remotely add SCR access roles to the users smart card.
  8. The pharmacy should then check that all authorised users can access SCR on the spine
  9. Staff should then be trained on the implications and use of SCR in the pharmacy and patient information can then be made available in the pharmacy to advertise the service.

Until 31st March 2017, community pharmacies can receive 

  • a payment of £200 once the pharmacy has gone live. 

Payment of the one-off £200 SCR allowance will be triggered when the contractor has submitted the SCR in Community Pharmacy Usage Agreement to NHS Digital and accessed the SCR. This payment ends on 31st March 2017

The step by step business process, with guidance documents to support the implementation of SCR into community pharmacies is detailed in the following document: Process steps for SCR implementation in community pharmacy. (PDF, 229.7kB)

This includes links to;

Please note the following pharmacy chains are providing their own training:

• Lloydspharmacy
• Boots
• Tesco
• Safedale Ltd
• Manor Pharmacy
• Dean & Smedley
• Knights
• Cohen’s Group
• Superdrug
• Morrisons
• H.I Weldrick Ltd
• Kamsons