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We are very aware that the information coming out of national organisations is constantly changing and front-line staff will struggle to know how to apply it. The sections below will help you to find the key guidance and interpret it for your business. This section will be constantly updated as new guidance is issued.

Covid 19 Operational Support

National Links

COVID-19 Hub : PSNC Main site

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure – Community Pharmacy v3 published 10th August 2020

PHE Campaign resources hub


All contractors should order COVID-19 required stock via the National Portal more information on appropriate ordering and registration can be found on the PSNC national PPE portal page.

We still have a local agreement in place for emergency PPE supplies. If you need any help with this please contact our Service Support Officer Myra Battle and she will try to help and sort the issue for you.

Opening Hours and Closures

If you can no longer operate your service safely and you need to close, please notify NHSE&I of any closures or reduction in opening hours immediately.

Notifications should be emailed to:


The National Testing Programme provides COVID-19 tests to key workers or symptomatic members of their household to support organisations in maximising their workforce capacity during this unprecedented time.

Staff wellbeing and COVID-19 testing : PSNC Main site

Accessing priority C-19 testing : PSNC Main site

Test and Trace 

Please see the PSNC briefing on Test and Trace for the latest information on Pharmacy staff being contacted as part of test and trace.

If a member of Pharmacy staff tests positive for COVID-19 and your team are asked to isolate please contact your local Health Protection Team:

PHE East of England Health Protection Team,
Council Offices, College Heath Road,
IP28 7EY

If you disagree with the decision of the local Health Protection Team please contact the LPC to discuss

Covid 19 Test Distribution

Vaccine Information