Suffolk Public Health Campaigns

Public Health (Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles)

All health promotion has been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic which remains pharmacy teams priority until further notice.

Each year pharmacies are required participate in up to six campaigns at the request of NHS England. This involves the display and distribution of leaflets provided by NHS England. In addition, pharmacies are required to undertake prescription-linked interventions on major areas of public health concern, such as encouraging smoking cessation.

PSNC guidance on provision of materials for the six public health campaigns: if leaflets and posters or other patient literature are to form part of a public health campaign these should be provided to the pharmacy contractor by NHS England or alternatively a source of free leaflets, such as the Department of Health (DH) order line, could be highlighted prior to the start of the campaign. It is not a requirement of the service for the contractor to purchase leaflets, or to go online and download and print leaflets.

Current Campaign Resources

COVID-19 campaign information:

Social media and digital resources for COVID-19 campaigns will be available on PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre and you may wish to use these to support the campaigns where possible.

Awareness Days Calendar

Visit for their Awareness Events Planner which you can also download and print off.

2019/20 Suffolk local campaigns

Please note – the NHS England Public Health campaigns supersede the campaigns set by Suffolk’s Public Health team. This means the National campaigns are contractual and therefore must be promoted by community pharmacies. The local campaigns are no longer contractual and therefore the contractor can choose to promote these in addition to the national campaigns.

Current Health Campaign 

Current campaign information will be displayed here.

You will receive messages throughout the year to remind you of the campaigns coming up, providing you with further opportunities to opt in.

For further information or queries relating to the local Public Health Campaigns, including campaign materials, please contact One Life Suffolk –