GP referrals into the CPCS is being rolled out under a “soft” launch. This is because there are some important local discussions between interested surgeries and all the pharmacies within that vicinity (and potentially wider) to ensure that the governance requirements of the national service specification are met and that patients have an equitable choice of pharmacies to be referred to via agreed pathways.

The LPC is in discussion with our local CCGs/ICS about coordination of interest into a plan for supported rollout, which again will involve a wider range of partners.

UPDATED 1st December 2021

ALL pharmacies should have had at least ONE STAFF MEMBER that attended one of the three GP CPCS Annex F Webinars Feb March 2021 incl DMS held by Suffolk and Norfolk LPC. It is advised that pharmacies who did not attend one of the events watch the webinar and then read all of the information below. If after completing all of these actions you have any questions please contact your LPC team.

All relevant members of staff to read the briefing materials on the LPC GP-CPCS website page. Record this (e.g. using the LPC Staff briefing record). This fulfils GP CPCS Annex F Requirements c).

Create a brief action plan for implementing the new referral pathway in the pharmacy, including plan to update SOP. This fulfils Annex F requirement d).

All relevant staff members to read and understand the updated CPCS service specification and pharmacy toolkit. Keep a record of completion (e.g. using the LPC Staff Briefing Record template). This fulfils Annex F requirement e).

Claim Annex F engagement and setup payment (£300) via MYS. If you are not currently signed up to CPCS, this can also be done via MYS (ensuring all relevant training is completed as stipulated in service specification). Free CPCS training is available for Pharmacists via RPSGB

Going Live

Closer to the go live dates GP staff and relevant pharmacies will be invited  to attend a meeting to explain the process prior to going live.

GP CPCS referrals will come into pharmacies via NHS premises email accounts.

Please be aware that the Ardens template does not indicate in the email subject line GP CPCS, so you may miss the referral.

This issue has been raised by the LPC and advised that no alteration to the tile can be made.

You may wish to set up forwarding emails from Shared NHS Mailbox to Personal NHS Email, a guide on this is given HERE.

In order to complete a referral, you will need to transfer the information from the NHS email to the PharmOutcomes GP CPCS minor illness NHS Consultation template.

If you are struggling to deliver the service at any point it’s important to feedback to your local GP surgery and the LPC via


GP CPCS Annex F Requirements (PDF)

GP CPCS Engagement and Setup Plan (PDF)

GP CPCS Staff briefing record (PDF)

GP CPCS Staff briefing record (Word)

Free CPCS training

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Royal College of General Practitioners are providing free CPCS workshops for pharmacists.

The workshops, funded by NHS England and NHS Improvement, via Health Education England, will help pharmacists to build their confidence and practice the skills they need to help people when providing the CPCS.

To find out more and book your free place visit the Royal Pharmaceutical Society website.


Suffolk LPC also commissions Virtual Outcomes on behalf of all our contractors:


General Practice Resources

NHS E&I have produced a GP CPCS Presentation that is useful to explain the referral journey, conditions suitable for referral and how GP practice teams can make a referral.

PSNC has also developed an animation and infographic to help describe the GP referral pathway into the CPCS for GP use.


For more information please see PSNC Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS service) website page.