Hepatitis C Antibody Testing Service

Community Pharmacies in Suffolk are invited to sign-up to the Hepatitis C Testing service. This is a national advanced service, supported locally by the Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Eastern Liver Network.

Any pharmacy that meets the service requirements can provide the service, but it will be of most interest to contractors that provide the locally commissioned needle exchange service, with a sufficient number of clients, to make the investment in provision of the service worthwhile.

Process For Signing Up

  1. Visit the PSNC Hepatitis C testing service page this page will give you all of the information needed to provide the service. Please ensure you read all the details in the Service Specification and watch the training and information webinar on the Hep C service here. More information about the Eastern Liver Network can be found here.
  2. Review your current needle exchange volumes to see if it will be viable for you to offer the service through your pharmacy.
  3. Sign up through the business service authority  MYS portal and as a pharmacy in the East of England you will be able to record and refer patients electronically. DO NOT ORDER ANY TESTING KITS YET the liver network will be in touch to discuss test kits & training videos.
  4. The Liver Network will be in touch as stated above to discuss the service & turn on Pharmoutcomes service pages for you. If you do not hear from them within 2 weeks please contact add-tr.hepatitis@nhs.net.

Other Useful Contacts & Resources

Eastern Liver Network Website. Community Pharmacy Support Pages

PSNC Hepatitis C testing service page

PSNC guidance on the testing service 

Link to CPPE Hep C training resources

Guidance on how to use the Hep C registry

Contact the Eastern Liver Network add-tr.hepatitis@nhs.net