West Suffolk Prescribing Information

Prednisolone Soluble

Dec 2017

West Suffolk CCG have sent a letter to all community pharmacies in West Suffolk, along with the ‘quick summary’ document and letter to parents, detailing the prescribing of non-soluble prednisolone tablets over soluble.

Please note: The letter to patients is for GP use primarily but pharmacies could use it to explain the changes to patients.

Please click the links below for information

Letter to community pharmacies

Prednsiolone soluble – quick summary 

Letter to parents

Policy for MDS in Hospital and on discharge (WS)

Joint Position Statement on the provision of Monitored Dose System (MDS) dispensing by Secondary Care in Ipswich, Colchester and West Suffolk Trusts and Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust

The above Trusts, in agreement with Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG, West Suffolk CCG, and North East Essex CCG will only dispense Monitored Dose Systems (MDS) for patients on discharge when the enclosed criteria are met.

This is something all community pharmacies need to be aware of and should endeavour to support the process. Please read the document, share with your colleagues and keep a copy for your records.

Joint Position statement for IHT, CHUFT, WSH (inc flowchart) final version sept 2017

7 day prescribing

April 2017

West Suffolk CCG have produced a policy on 7 day prescribing. It states that a 28 day prescribing interval is appropriate for most patients and is recommended in West Suffolk. Each prescription ordering treatment for 28 days should be dispensed on one occasion. 7 day prescriptions should not be provided for patients who use a compliance aid, unless one of the circumstances listed applies. Please see Policy below:

WSCCG Policy on 7 day prescribing FINAL April 2017

Safe storage of Controlled Drugs (CDs) in the community

Envopak® bags are used for the safe storage of CDs within the community across Suffolk, and this document explains how they should be used.

Please return empty bags to the community nursing teams for re-use when no longer required, at the address below.

  • Suffolk Community Healthcare, Stow Lodge Centre, Chilton Way, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1SZ

If you have any queries, please contact:

Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) in Care Homes

Aug 2016

Message from Ipswich & East and West Suffolk CCGs:

From 01 September 2016, both the Ipswich & East and West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Groups do not support the prescribing of Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) for residents in care homes, unless one of the exclusion criteria applies (as listed in the Policy). Residents with a poor intake should be commenced on homemade milkshakes and food first instead of ONS.

Please click HERE to view the Policy

Please click HERE to view Information for Care Home Staff

Generic Prescribing Policy

Gluten Free Guidance

June 2016

WSCCG have made changes to Gluten free (GF) prescribing for patients diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and/or with Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

For information on the updated guidance, please click on the links below:


1872 Gluten Free Prescribing_SCREEN