Suffolk Specific Resources

Here you will find specific resources in relation to essential services provided in Suffolk.

Suffolk Medication Policy

Suffolk LPC has been working with stakeholders across Suffolk to produce a joint Medication Policy which governs how medications are managed in the community where patients receive support from Adult and Community Services (ACS). This policy has now been published  and is a must read for all contractors. Section 9 is most relevant to community pharmacy contractors and this includes guidance on the use of MDS in the community in line with CQC guidance. The policy states:

“consider using a monitored dosage system only when an assessment by a health professional (for example, a pharmacist) has been carried out, in line with the Equality Act 2010, and a specific need has been identified to support medicines adherence. Take account of the person’s needs and preferences and involve the person and/or their family members or carers and the social care provider in decision-making.”

“It should be clear that a relevant health professional’s assessment indicates that this method is required to enhance the person’s ability to take their medicines safely and correctly and should only be used as an aid to compliance for the person to achieve self-administration.

Where this is not supporting independence, then a review of the suitability of the aid needs to be undertaken.”

The policy supports the supply of medications to patients with care packages in place in original packs and states that

“medicine compliance aids are not usually considered appropriate when giving level 2 support”

The LPC will be working with ACS to support the implementation of the policy with a view to reducing the inappropriate use of compliance aids where patients are being supported by carers.