CD Reporting Tool

NHS England (East) has announce the launch of a new web based controlled drug reporting tool.

All incidents involving controlled drugs, including

  • a patients usage of controlled drugs,
  • prescribing concerns 
  • dispensing errors,
  • fraud,
  • theft etc.

should be reported to the NHS England (East) Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer, Sarah Rann, via the NEW NHS England Controlled Drug Reporting Tool 

This has been designed and implemented by the Controlled Drugs Team within Greater Manchester and makes the reporting of Controlled Drug concerns/incidents much simpler.
NHS and Private Organisations will now record Controlled Drug incidents via the website;

  • these are immediately received by the CDAO where they are either closed, further details requested or investigated.
  • This applies to all Pharmacies/Dispensaries, GPs, Dentists and Care Homes in the East of England.

All reporters of controlled drug concerns / incidents in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will need to register at

Once registered you will have access to the following facilities:

  • Alerts
  • Audit Logs
  • Incident Reporting
  • Quarterly Occurrences
  • Annual Declarations
  • Destruction Requests
  • 14 day destruction licence
  • LIN Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Superintendent / CCG / CQC Reports
  • 1 & 1 feedback

The website went live on Monday 5th June 2017; please register now.
Support is available to help organisations and individuals during this transition to a solely web based tool. If you have problems with the website you can raise this with the website admin team by pressing ‘create a ticket’
Please ensure that you have cascaded/shared this information and link within your organisation.
If you have any questions, please contact the East Controlled Drugs Team: