PharmOutcomes Support

PharmOutcomes is the data collection and payment system for all locally commissioned Public Health Services in Suffolk.

The first point of contact for help with log-on and technical queries is the Pinnacle Help Desk. The details for this are: or by telephoning 01983 216699.

Other Contacts

This system is commissioned by Suffolk County Council and therefore any issues with payment or accreditation should be directed to Julissa Aitkins as follows:

Finance, Accreditation and General Enquiries Julissa Aitkens Tel: 01473 260054 Email:
Harm Reduction queries Nick Allard Tel: 0300 123 0872 Email:

Please contact the LPC on if you have any comments on the usability of the templates or problems with providing the service 

Key things to do:

  • Log onto PharmOutcomes.
  • If you have lost your password and Username please contact the Pinnacle helpdesk. You can do this by emailing them via this link or by telephoning 01983 216699.
  • Click on the services tab: The services for action are to confirm sign up to the SCC Public Health Services (smoking cessation/sexual) or the Turning Point services (needle exchange/supervised consumption). Confirming that you accept the terms and conditions of each contract, which can be downloaded from the side bar, prevents the need to sign and return a paper copy of the contract.
  • Please ensure you submit your VAT number to the County Council. There is a page on the services list that allows you to do this via PharmOutcomes. This will be required before payment can be made for any services you provide.
  • Please ensure that you submit your bank details for the Turning Point Services as these are required by the service for payment.This will appear on you services list along with the service templates for supervised consumption and needle exchange after you have confirmed acceptance of the terms and conditions in the contract.Failure to submit this information will mean that no payment can be made for activity .
  • All activity for Smoking Cessation and Sexual Health Services should now be logged on PharmOutcomes using the relevant template. The smoking templates have been updated from April 1st 2016 so please use the old templates to complete claims for anyone already signed up to the service. The new templates should be used to sign patients up to the service after April 1st 2016. EHC provisions before April 1st should also be claimed on the old template.
  • For PGD linked services: Please download the PGDs from the side bar of the relevant service and ensure they are signed by all pharmacists accredited to provide the service. They should be retained in the pharmacy along with accreditation certificates.
  • All activity for Needle Exchange and Supervised Consumption will now be claimed via PharmOutcomes from 1st April 2016. These service templates will only be visible to pharmacies that have previously provided the services. If you wish to start providing these services, please contact Turning Point who will decide if additional service provision is required in your area.
  • Remember the service is designed to be user specific. All staff using the system especially those who are directly involved with providing services are expected to have their own log in details.
  • The initial user in each pharmacy should have the ability to set up individual logins for staff members. Please look under the help tab where you will find information on how to do this. You will then need to go into the Admin tab to set these up. If you need any help with doing this please contact the Pinnacle Helpdesk.

Key things to be aware of:

All contracts have now been harmonised across Suffolk so there are no longer different services and SLAs for Waveney and East and West Suffolk.