Support Page for PCN Pharmacy Lead

Please see below a link for PCN Lead Governance information and  all of the supporting documents to help you gather information for your role as a PCN Pharmacy Lead.

PCN Lead Governance Information

Pharmacy PCN Lead – Process Flowchart

PCN Leads Webinar Oct 2020

1.Letter-template-PCN-Lead-to-Contractors for all Leads

Contractor-survey-to-support-PQS-PCN-Domains (1) (Please note this is just for information we will send a link for a live document to be filled in)

2. PCN-CP-Lead-PQS-2020-introductory-letter-to-CD N&S existing Lead

3. PCN-CP-Lead-PQS-2020-introductory-letter-to-CD N&S new Lead

4. PCN-meetings-feedback-form

5. Template-draft-agenda-for-Pharmacy-PCN-Lead-and-contractor-meeting (1)

6. Template-Community-Pharmacy-PCN-Flu-Vaccination-Plan (1)

7. PCN-Community-Pharmacy-Business-Continuity-Support-Plan (2)

If you have suggestions of documents or links that you have found useful please let us know and we will add to the list above for all to use, email any suggestions to