Community Pharmacy Call to Action

Community Pharmacy Call to Action

The community pharmacy Call to Action (CTA), Improving health and patient care through Community Pharmacy – a Call to Action, was run by the national commissioner of community pharmacy services, NHS England, between December 2013 and March 2014.

The CTA was essentially a consultation, and was designed to gather views from pharmacy, patients and others with an interest in the sector on what community pharmacy services should look like in the future. PSNC, LPCs and others spent a great deal of time earlier this year working on the CTA to ensure that community pharmacy gave a robust response.

PSNC submitted a response to the Call to Action and worked hard to support LPCs as they worked on local events and responses. You can read PSNC’s response below. Click on the arrows to move through the document.



Or download PSNC’s response to the Call to Action here:

PSNC’s response to NHS England’s community pharmacy Call to Action (March 2014)

Summary of PSNC Response to the Call to Action

PSNC has also produced a summary of its response which pharmacies and LPCs may find interesting and may be able to use in ongoing discussions with patients, MPs, charities, local commissioners and others.

Summary of PSNC community pharmacy CTA response

The below Wordle also gives a flavour of some of the themes covered in PSNC’s response.
Wordle: PSNC Response to the Community Pharmacy Call to Action

What happened during the Call to Action consultation period?

During the consultation period, PSNC, LPCs and pharmacies worked extremely hard to gather views and to write responses outlining what community pharmacy has to offer. In total NHS England received more than 800 responses to the CTA, which it has confirmed is more than it received for the CTA for general practice.

At a local level many LPCs and Area Teams hosted meetings which pharmacy teams may have attended and which were designed to gather local views. In particular Area Teams held events designed to:

a) work with local communities to develop strategies based on the emerging principles set out in the CTA, with close engagement with patients and the public and Health and Wellbeing Boards, to ensure that community pharmacy develops in ways that reflect their pharmaceutical needs and priorities and build on their insights;

b) through pharmacy Local Professional Network (LPN) chairs, discuss with local community pharmacists and contractors, CCGs, CSUs, local authorities and other health and social care partners what changes NHS England needs to make to support these local needs and emerging strategies;

c) ensure that all outcomes are linked appropriately to the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework and help reduce inequalities.

Where changes to the CPCF or other support are required at a national level, the AT fed this back to the central NHS England team.

You can read about how PSNC helped LPCs to respond to the Call to Action by downloading our guidance and resources for LPCs:

Detailed guidance on how LPCs can get involved and PSNC resources to support this activity


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