COVID-19 Hub

COVID-19 Hub

Section last updated: 26th November 2020

PSNC’s COVID-19 hub contains links to information, guidance and resources on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic for community pharmacy contractors and their teams.

The information and guidance in this hub will be updated on a regular basis.

Weekly news round-ups

A-Z Index of COVID-19 topics

Messages to the sector

Pharmacy Minister writes open letter to pharmacy teams (5th November)
Jo Churchill MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State with responsibility for community pharmacy, has written an open letter thanking community pharmacy teams, saying the Government is “hugely grateful” for the work they have undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (2nd November)
October’s blog from PSNC CEO reflects on the impressive work community pharmacy teams have put in this year and the need for this to be recognised by Government.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (2nd October)
September’s blog from PSNC CEO Simon Dukes considers the frustrating delay in support for COVID-19 costs, whilst being encouraged by announcements on CPCS and a new pathway to independent prescribing.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (28th August)
August’s blog explains why PSNC CEO Simon Dukes has taken the unprecedented step of asking contractors to reconsider free provision of non-CPCF services.

Matt Hancock thanks NHS workforce (17th August)
The Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, has praised the dedication of those who work for the NHS, whilst calling for evidence on reducing bureaucracy in the health and social care system. Mr Hancock set out what he has learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic and invited views from healthcare workers through an open consultation. The evidence gathered will be used to identify common bureaucratic burdens and make changes where appropriate.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (31st July)
July’s blog from PSNC CEO Simon Dukes explores how coronavirus has changed patient behaviours, sharing just a few of the remarkable stories captured as part of the PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (30th June)
June’s blog from PSNC CEO Simon Dukes describes how his team are starting to look towards important negotiations for the autumn and winter of 2020/21.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (29th May)
May’s blog from PSNC CEO Simon Dukes looks forward to a post-COVID world where we can ‘Reset and Reform’ community pharmacy.

PSNC CEO video message (15th May)
In his latest video, PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes confirms that negotiations on additional funding for the sector are ongoing, and he describes how discussions with DHSC and NHSE&I are now also turning to the expected next phases of the pandemic in the UK.

PSNC Chief Executive’s Blog (29th April)
April’s blog from PSNC CEO Simon Dukes focusses on community pharmacy’s role in the COVID-19 response, discussing the pressures that pharmacy teams are under and the financial support needed urgently.

Video message from the national pharmacy bodies (9th April)

Pharmacy Minister’s Open Letter to Pharmacy (3rd April)

Key actions to take during the pandemic

Guidance for pharmacies has been published by NHSE&I but the situation is evolving rapidly and guidance is therefore being updated on a very regular basis. Our general guidance is that pharmacy contractors and their teams:

  1. Read the NHSE&I guidance whenever it is updated and implement its recommended actions;
  2. Clearly display the COVID-19 posters at points of entry to your pharmacy;
  3. Complete a risk review for your pharmacy and put steps in place to mitigate any risks identified;
  4. All pharmacy staff should now wear facemasks, unless the pharmacy is COVID-19 secure, including all staff being able to maintain a social distance from one another.  
  5. Implement your business continuity plan where required and seek assistance and advice from your Local Pharmaceutical Committee;
  6. Keep up to date with developments by regularly checking the information on  COVID-19 on GOV.UK, the NHSE&I Coronavirus Primary Care webpage and checking your NHSmail shared mailbox on a regular basis for updates from NHSE&I; and
  7. Where possible, display the public health advice posters on hand washing, social distancing etc




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