NHS Resolution

NHS Resolution

NHS Resolution was formed in April 2017, to bring together three functions under the umbrella of the new organisational structure. Three three functions are:

  1. NHS Ligitation Authority – providing indemnity schemes for the NHS in England and resolving claims for compensation fairly;
  2. National Clinical Assessment Services – resolving concerns about the performance of practitioners; and
  3. Primary Care Appeals (formerly the Family Health Services Appeal Unit or FHSAU) – ensuring the prompt and fair resolution of appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England.

NHS Resolution has four priorities:

  1. Resolution: effectively resolve concerns and disputes fairly and effectively;
  2. Intelligence: provide analysis and expert knowledge to the healthcare and civil justice systems, to drive improvement;
  3. Intervention: deliver in partnership, interventions and solutions that improve safety and save money; and
  4. Fit for purpose: offering best value and developing its people, relationships and infrastructure.

Its aims are:

  • tackling the rising costs of harm to the healthcare system and addressing the causes of harm with a joint objective to reduce serious brain injury at birth, shared with NHS Improvement;
  • improving the experience of patients and healthcare staff when something goes wrong; and
  • increased and earlier support for those providing NHS care who are involved in incidents.

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