Medicines Optimisation Dashboard

Medicines Optimisation Dashboard

The medicines optimisation dashboard was first launched in 2014 and since then NHS England has developed and refined the dashboard based on feedback from the people who use it. The dashboard aligns with the NHS RightCare approach.

The medicines optimisation dashboard makes it easier for our users to develop plans to ensure that all patients achieve the best possible outcomes from their treatment, wherever they live.

The dashboard features:

  • Easy to use interface based on NHS RightCare’s Instant Atlas;
  • Time series analysis to enable trends to be monitored;
  • More regular refresh of data;
  • New patient experience metrics; and
  • Ability to extract visuals for use in presentations.

It also allows you to see data on  MUR, NMS, EPS, eRD , Medicines Safety and many other useful parameters.

The medicine optimisation comparators document helps you to understand the data that is available to you:

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